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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day to our Calllie

It's me Callie.  I was found two years ago today at the place where Mom works. I guess I looked like I had been on my own for a while - thin and as they found out later, full of worms! Yuck.  When Mom came out of the building at night, I ran right over to her.  Since it was dark in the parking lot and lots of people coming and going Mom swooped me up and put me in the car.  I knew I was home!

Me two years ago

I had a microchip and Mom was able to track down my adoption agency.  They told Mom that a lady had adopted me in 2007 but I was born in 2006.  Mom found the lady in question after many tries and the lady explained that she had given me up to someone else because her older cat was mean to me.  The lady also told Mom that the friend who adopted  me from her had moved to the West Coast six months ago.  It upset both of them that I may have been on my own for that long. My first Mom still had the mean older cat so I couldn't go back to them. 

I guess three times is the charm for me.  Life has been super fun in every way since I got here.
I love to run around the house - zoom zoom zoom.  I am very affectionate with Mom and Pop and love to be with them all the time even when I am sleeping.  I am finally becoming friends with my new fur brothers and sisters but it took a while.  I am small so I would stay out of their way so I would not cause problems.  Now I know that no one here wants to hurt me so I am slowly coming around. 

We are having a small party today here rather than on our blog on account that our Minnie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday.  Mom wants to leave her post up on our blog for a few days before posting another one.  I can understand that.  We will have a big Day of the Dead bash for me and Snowball later this week.  His Gotcha Day is Nov.2.  So check out our blog Cats of Wildcat Woods and stop by for the party this week.

Colorful Calicoes Scylla & Chimera

Scylla is in the top two pictures and Chimera is in the side and bottom pictures.