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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Star..... That's REALLY immature! Lol;-)

So it's almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A, and here's how I'm gonna spend my Thanksgiving.... And probably my weekend;-) Well, you see my mom (Ragdoll Mommy), is probably gonna be with family on Thanksgiving and on her weekend she might be going to Sarasota, Florida; to be with family. So that means, I will have the whole place to myself!

So here's a brief idea of what I'll be doing:

Drink'd drink to the beer runs OUT!!! Hahaha! Lol;-)



  1. I will be over. Better that than stay here with the boys and the foster kittens.


  2. Alright Ivy. Don't forget to stop on by at Thanksgiving if you have the time!


  3. 24 bottles of beer on the wall, 23 bottles of beer on the wall..................~Scylla

  4. LOL - sounds like a pawty!!!! Pawesome :D

  5. Whee I will bring the Nip!
    Miss Fitz


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