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Monday, October 28, 2013

Good DAY dear Ladies of Autumn

My dearest beauties, here I am with my Halloween picture for this year.  We sometimes have a fun time here at the Bridge, just smaller groups of furriness...kitties, woofies, piggies, hamsters, mousies, efurrybuddy and we have fun for a while and get one of the Angels to read us a story to end the pawty.  Autocorrect is causing me and mommy to have to go back and edit.  We hope we won't have to a third time.  xox



  1. Oh, I love the Halloween look for the blog! Pawesome! Me-Ommmmm

  2. I am so glad you were able to post. We love you and think of you often. Say hi to MoMo for us and Charybdis. ~Scylla

  3. MoMo and I are meowing to each other as we read this together. xxxooo

  4. Good to see ya' again, Admiral!

    Happy HALLOWEEN!



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