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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Ladies of Autumn Welcome Autumn

I am not big on veggies myself but if you look carefully there is some cat nip in there too and they are such lovely autumn colors that I thoughts we could admire them. Socks is very fond of tomatoes so I thought some of you might like veggies too.

I got us lots of seafood to chow down on.

And of course I brought some cheese and bread.

We have a variety of mixed drinks for you to enjoy.

I have arranged huge piles of leaves for us to play in and there are even some mice for us to chase. I hopes you enjoy our party welcoming Autumn. ~Scylla


  1. Yum! I love veggies. No, let me change that. I love ALL kinds of food! Tee hee...

  2. We think veggies are fun to play with but not for nomming!

    Happy Autumn!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Hi,Scylla! We are login' this party and food and drinks and all that fun stuff!!! THANK YOU! We love you lots Scylla!

    Happy Autumn! Star~

  4. Sorry,mom misspelt by mistake! We meant lovin' not login '!!

  5. Hey I wanted to know if you happen to have any cocktails?

  6. Yay for autumn! What fun!
    We love the assortment of goodies!
    ~ Sonora & Chili

  7. Oh! A pile of leaves!!! YES!!! Can a tabby cat sister of a lady of autumn play in them, too? :) Love, Crepes.


  8. Yes, everyone can come and enjoy the party and play in the leaves tabbies, tuxies even boy cats. ~Scylla

  9. Gracie is sorry she missed the must have been a great one!

  10. Hi Ladies!
    Such a fine party to welcome our time our year and thanks for letting family come to play.
    Meow-Oh-My boys you behave in front of my lady furends.
    Ms Fitz

  11. I'll pass on the veggies, but oh how i love seafood! Are there any crabs? That's my absolute favorite! Chasing mice is fun too. This is such a great party.

  12. Oh what a cool Blog!! Mom was out of town all weekend so we missed your Welcome Autumn!!
    Your TX furiends,


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