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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lily Le Mew's Welcome to Autumn

Lily Le Mew here.  I'm celebrating the beginning of autumn by sitting up in this pretty tree!

Soon the leaves will fall, but for now I can hide in the tree and enjoy the cooler weather as I watch all the birds around me.

I'll be down to enjoy the party with the other beautiful ladies of autumn in a little while!


  1. Lily, you looks lovely in the tree. What purrty leaves it has. Can I climb up there with you? I loves to climb. ~Scylla

  2. Hi Lily! I am Star:-)
    Happy Autumn!

  3. Lily, you certainly have the so-called catbird seat. Have fun watching the birdies and squirrels. Purrs and hugs from ladies of Autumn, Lily Olivia, Astrid and Calista Jo

  4. Lily you look simply beautiful up there so stay as long as you like
    Ms Fitz

  5. Of course you can climb the tree with me Scylla. The more the merrier!

  6. we are friends I fink, on the blogs but I haven't seen you in a long time. Maybe you are friends with my sisfur Katie Isabella rather. xox

    1. I know we are friends Admiral:-) even if I haven't known you that long lol;)



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