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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Introducing Me: Admiral Hestorb, TLOA OTRB

Hi Ladies,

I am honored to be here again after all this time.  I flew away to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2011.  That broke my mommy's heart totally in two.  But I worked for  Mommy from this side of the Veil.  I caused her, grieving though she was, to call the ebil v-e-t's office and ask them to tell her where any kitties are that would be glad to be rescued...multiple places if known.

 They told her they had 5 kitties in their office as a favor to the Fostering homes, as they were full.  Mommy had no idea they had kitties to adopt.  Turns out when they invited her there to see them, one was a ringer for ME!  Same beautiful Tortie cream division line down the nose, everything.  But that baby was still being socialized.  She was winding around the Tech's legs and enjoyed petting but cringed when approached which was heartbreaking.  He said they were still working on her.  Then, Katie was brought out and put straight into mommy's arms.  She began making pans and pans and pans of biscuits on mom's face, chests, arms, anywhere she could reach and even in the AIR, one of the Vet's said, when not able to make contact with mom's body.  She purred strongly and rubbed her face on mommy.

Mom reluctantly gave her to the Tech and went home.  She was very reluctant to have another baby in the house as she was still grieving hard for me.  But she went back Monday anyway to look at Katie again, and the Vet tech brought in a plaster cast of my little footie that they had failed to give her when mommy came to take me home in my little urn.

To Mommy, that was like a seal of approval that she was supposed to take Katie to her forever home.  MY seal of approval.  Katie was very loving from the start and when taken home, could not nor would not stay out of mommy's arms for several weeks.  That first night, trusting Katie was in bed with mommy somewhere in the middle of the night.  Stretched out along mom's back.  Knocked out like a light because she stayed awake all day to see her surroundings.  Mom smiled.  That was the beginning of Katie's new life and they are, as were Mom and I, a purrfect match.

Here I am watching over my little sisfur.  
XXOO to all of TLOA'S.  So good to be back.  Fanks you.


  1. Hi,Admiral! I am soooooooooo glad to have you here!!

    LOVE STAR~ :-)

  2. Hi.AND yes I Star the cat was being radiant lol;-)

    And thanks for your comment about me being pretty,and I am sorry you had to leave your mommy:-(...........But just remember that you will ALWAYS be in your mommy's heart.......And she will ALWAYS be in your heart!!!!!!!!

    Parting is such a sorrowful time.............But just think how sad you and your mommy would be if you never met one another?

    That is what my mom thinks about when she gets sad about her old Ragdoll cat (Tadpole) he was the love of her life........But she wouldn't have EVER had me if Tadpole didn't pass away....And even though her heart is in 90,0000000000 parts,She finds comfort in me as will:-)

    Hugs,For you and your mommy!
    Love Star~

  3. Hi Admiral! I don't know if you, Katie and your Mommy remember, but it was because of you that I joined the Ladies of Autumn. I'm so glad you were able to join us again. I don't think we had heard the full story of how you led your Mommy to Katie Isabella before. That was really sweet.

    -Lily Le Mew

  4. Admiral, I am thrilled you are here. I have missed you so much. I was just getting to know you when you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I thinks it is so sweet how you brought Katie Isabella into your Mom's life. ~Scylla

  5. What a wonderful story! And nice to meet you dear spirit kitty! Me-Ommmmm

  6. Oh My Catness that is Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing that story Admiral. We do have such a connection with our person it cannot ever be broken but sometimes it takes a bit of work to reach out from OTRB. It is always a Triple blessing when a kitty is saved and taken to a forever home. The kitty is now loved, the person has a kitty that will give them all kinds of caring that only a cat can, and, there is now room to save another kitty.
    Thanks Admiral!
    Hi Katie
    Ms Fitz

  7. That's such a lovely story. Sometimes it takes a cat to help our human's heal. And you certainly did give your seal of approval. Thanks for sharing. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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