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Friday, September 20, 2013

How could you?

Hi,everyone! It's Star again.And I just wanted to wish everyone a.....GREAT WEEKEND!! Mom (Ragdoll mommy) is leaving me,To go to grandpa's.(Ragdoll mommy's father's).And she won't come home until Sunday! And sadly she can't take me.Because I get car-sick:-( but here's some pics of me!
Mommy's leaving me:-( 
I'z depressed!
That gray spot is from aging! * yikes* I am only 7 years old! 45 in cat-years!
Mommy i'z gonna miss youz!
Okay i'z a little cubby....(..Just around   ) the edges LOL!
I'z gonna play dead so mommy doesn't have to go!
I'z dreamin' of partyin' tonight.Cuz (Cause) mommy won't's be here! LOL!
That Is my back.But i'z just so fluffy:-)
Queen Star~!
This is my play mate.Her name is Saphira.She is the same age as me,mom got us at the same time,we have been together basically our whole lifes!
I'z so pretty:-)
Love Star~


  1. Hi Star and Saphira,
    It is very nice to meet two lovely lady cats. We hope your mom has a good visit with her Dad and you two get in lots of naps and sun puddling sitting.
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  2. Hi Girls
    You can come and visit with me if you like. We can show the boyz how much better we are at running and playing catch-the-mousie.
    Be safe and have fun Mom
    Ms Fitz

  3. I am sorry you are sads your Mommy is going on a trip. You can come visit me too. ~Scylla

  4. YOu certainly ARE pretty. My mommy could hardly bear to leave me. xox


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