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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Introducing Me: Admiral Hestorb, TLOA OTRB

Hi Ladies,

I am honored to be here again after all this time.  I flew away to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2011.  That broke my mommy's heart totally in two.  But I worked for  Mommy from this side of the Veil.  I caused her, grieving though she was, to call the ebil v-e-t's office and ask them to tell her where any kitties are that would be glad to be rescued...multiple places if known.

 They told her they had 5 kitties in their office as a favor to the Fostering homes, as they were full.  Mommy had no idea they had kitties to adopt.  Turns out when they invited her there to see them, one was a ringer for ME!  Same beautiful Tortie cream division line down the nose, everything.  But that baby was still being socialized.  She was winding around the Tech's legs and enjoyed petting but cringed when approached which was heartbreaking.  He said they were still working on her.  Then, Katie was brought out and put straight into mommy's arms.  She began making pans and pans and pans of biscuits on mom's face, chests, arms, anywhere she could reach and even in the AIR, one of the Vet's said, when not able to make contact with mom's body.  She purred strongly and rubbed her face on mommy.

Mom reluctantly gave her to the Tech and went home.  She was very reluctant to have another baby in the house as she was still grieving hard for me.  But she went back Monday anyway to look at Katie again, and the Vet tech brought in a plaster cast of my little footie that they had failed to give her when mommy came to take me home in my little urn.

To Mommy, that was like a seal of approval that she was supposed to take Katie to her forever home.  MY seal of approval.  Katie was very loving from the start and when taken home, could not nor would not stay out of mommy's arms for several weeks.  That first night, trusting Katie was in bed with mommy somewhere in the middle of the night.  Stretched out along mom's back.  Knocked out like a light because she stayed awake all day to see her surroundings.  Mom smiled.  That was the beginning of Katie's new life and they are, as were Mom and I, a purrfect match.

Here I am watching over my little sisfur.  
XXOO to all of TLOA'S.  So good to be back.  Fanks you.

Truffles Celebrates Autumn!!!

Truffles is super excited to be welcoming Autumn because she lives in the beautiful state of Vermont!!!

Welcome, Autumn! Love, Mrs. Peabody

Happy first day of Autumn! Here is Mrs. Peabody carefully checking to see if it's officially fall so she can come out of hibernation and be a Lady of Autumn in full swing!


Hi,Everyone! Welcome back guys....Err girls lol;-) well here I am!

Anyway....TIME TO PARTY WITH 1000,000s!!!!!!! Lol

Love Ragdoll mommy&Star~

Lily Le Mew's Welcome to Autumn

Lily Le Mew here.  I'm celebrating the beginning of autumn by sitting up in this pretty tree!

Soon the leaves will fall, but for now I can hide in the tree and enjoy the cooler weather as I watch all the birds around me.

I'll be down to enjoy the party with the other beautiful ladies of autumn in a little while!

The Ladies of Autumn Welcome Autumn

I am not big on veggies myself but if you look carefully there is some cat nip in there too and they are such lovely autumn colors that I thoughts we could admire them. Socks is very fond of tomatoes so I thought some of you might like veggies too.

I got us lots of seafood to chow down on.

And of course I brought some cheese and bread.

We have a variety of mixed drinks for you to enjoy.

I have arranged huge piles of leaves for us to play in and there are even some mice for us to chase. I hopes you enjoy our party welcoming Autumn. ~Scylla

Friday, September 20, 2013

How could you?

Hi,everyone! It's Star again.And I just wanted to wish everyone a.....GREAT WEEKEND!! Mom (Ragdoll mommy) is leaving me,To go to grandpa's.(Ragdoll mommy's father's).And she won't come home until Sunday! And sadly she can't take me.Because I get car-sick:-( but here's some pics of me!
Mommy's leaving me:-( 
I'z depressed!
That gray spot is from aging! * yikes* I am only 7 years old! 45 in cat-years!
Mommy i'z gonna miss youz!
Okay i'z a little cubby....(..Just around   ) the edges LOL!
I'z gonna play dead so mommy doesn't have to go!
I'z dreamin' of partyin' tonight.Cuz (Cause) mommy won't's be here! LOL!
That Is my back.But i'z just so fluffy:-)
Queen Star~!
This is my play mate.Her name is Saphira.She is the same age as me,mom got us at the same time,we have been together basically our whole lifes!
I'z so pretty:-)
Love Star~

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meow! Starry here!

Meow! It's Star here: And we just decided to swing by,Cause Scylla was already here this morning.And we thought we'd join in on the PARTYING! Yay!
I got a new dress! For the party!

Scylla the Slayer

Happy MEOW Like a Pirate Day everyone. I hopes you have a day full of booty. ~Scylla the Slayer

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Thank you,Scylla~

Hi,everyone! Star here: And I just wanted to thank Scylla,yet again for letting us ( me&Ragdoll mommy) in to the ladies of autumn tea party! Scylla you are the most nicest lady-cat we have EVER MET!! Here is a very special picture we made of you,we made it ourselves and we hope you love it!
Thank you Scylla for EVERYTHING!!
We love you:-)
You are the best.                       Love Star~

Hello, I'm a New Lady of Autumn!

Me, the beautiful and great Swami
Me-Ommmmm! I'm so excited to be here! Me and Mama just came off a bloggy break, so I'm just catching up on being a new member of The Most Beautiful Ladies of Autumn! Thank you, thank you for letting me be part of your pawesome group! 

I'm Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrrananda, Swami Zoe for short, the venerable Yogicat of Swami Zoe's Yoga and Zen. I'm a lovely diluted/muted Calico. Aren't I beautiful? How could I not be, all cats are beautiful! 


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Welcome back everyone!

Welcome back everyone! Star here: Thank you so much Scylla! We cannot thank you enough for letting us come to the "Ladies Of Autumn" tea party!!
We love this party Scylla!
We love you Scylla the cat!:-)


Colorful Calicoes Scylla & Chimera

Scylla is in the top two pictures and Chimera is in the side and bottom pictures.