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Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello from Ms Fitz

Hi Ladies:

I am so glad to have a nice place to visit without having stinky Man-Cats underfoot. They are just so... 

Oh exmews me, where are my manners, this is Ms Fitz and I moved into the Tomcat Home just this January. I was a foster for the group Spay and Save where Dad volunteers. Mom was feral and I was very sick. My Dad kept me safe and warm in my own little crate with a nice box where I lived for a month. They were worried about me  but I am a tough gal and pulled through. 

When I recovered me and the brofurs went to adoption events. Hoo-Cat I hated those things. I would just lay there with my head down and people would ask if I was sick. Dad would tell them about how much I liked to play and run at home and I would see them looking at him with those funny human looks. Dad even made You Tube films of me to help out. I really did not want to go anywhere.

After 6 months Dad was getting me ready for another event and he just looked at me, let me out of the box of doom and said he would adopt me. I walked all over the foster room with my tail in the air letting out a big purr. That night when he came home we left the foster room and met my brofurs.

Well, uh, yes, that is for another day

I so look forward to joining in the fun. Seems you Lady-Cats really know how to enjoy yourselves.
The Indomitable Ms Fitz

It is wonderful to see that good works are a part of this blog. We will pass on info about The Scratching Post on our bloggie.

Over on our side of the pond our family is putting a paw forward to help MaxMaxx of Noirs Nook. He needed emergency surgery and the CB has graciously set up  an Auction to help out. 

Hope you can stop by to check out the great auction items. 

Have a fun weekend!
Ms Fitz


  1. I am so glad your Dad saw some sense and adopted you :)

    Probably the most sensible thing he could have done :P


  2. PS Good Luck with the auction. It's a great idea :)

  3. Thanks for posting about the auction. We has to go by and bid on some stuffs.

    I thinks you planned to live with your foster Dad all along, he was just slow catching on, humans sometimes are. ~Scylla


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