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Friday, August 16, 2013

Help for The Scratching Post Cat Rescue Charity in the UK

Hi Ladies :)
I'm sorry I wasn't as involved in the tea party as I would have liked ....... well I was having a cuddle here with my Dad, John :)

As for Mum ...... well, she's been very busy trying to raise funds for The Scratching Post Cat Rescue, where me and Minstrel, my brother, came from. Mind you ..... not that I can remember the place! We enslaved John and Elaine when we were only 4 months old, so I can't remember there at all as we're 7 years old now. All I DO know, is that Wednesday morning Mum disappears and when she comes back, she certainly smells funny! Talk about mix with a lot of other cats, if the smells on her trousers can be believed! I don't really approve, but she seems to like disappearing on a Wednesday morning, so Minstrel and I indulge her!

To be honest, Minstrel is a real softie and would let Mum do anything!!

However, Mum does talk to John a lot about the different cats there and the fact that they NEVER put a cat 'down' (whatever that means?) ...... but that they are really struggling at the moment with this odd stuff called money! You see, apparently they have had a lot of cats being given to them at the moment, including lots of cats that are pregnant. Even one that was heavily pregnant and dumped on the doorstep of the charity shop they have in Enfield, North London! Can you believe that someone would do something that stupid? Added to that, their vets bills are ENORMOUS ....... easily £3,000 per month. Now ...... as far as I'm concerned ........ I don't like going there so I'd be quite happy to stay at home and not pay the vet anything!

However, Smithy here is one of the cats there at the moment and he's had to go to the vet TWICE to have teeth out; the first trip was for the ones that had to come out and the second because there were teeth that the vet tried to save but had to remove in the end! And one of those visits included 'the snip'! Ouch! Sounds painful ...... and Mum says it was all VERY expensive! Still, Smithy looks rather a handsome chap now (not that I'm interested in chaps you understand!!).

However, this was Smithy back in April. Poor thing! He'd been a stray for a while and was in a terrible condition. His coat was all matted and he was covered in ticks.

To be honest, if I'd been treated this badly by people I think I'd just want to bite and scratch. However, he let The Scratching Post shave all the matted fur on his tummy and apparently he's rather a favourite with the volunteers at The Scratching Post. He's a very friendly chap who loves to be fussed so hopefully, since he scrubbed rather nicely don't you think(?), he'll get a furever home soon.

However, there's the rub! Not so many people are coming forward at the moment to adopt cats and so things are getting really difficult with this money stuff for The Scratching Post.

Can you help? Things are getting that bad at the moment that CLOSURE is a frightening possibility. Lots of small animal charities are in the same situation, to be honest, and if they close THE ONLY SHELTERS LEFT WILL BE THE BIG BOYS like the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs Home ........ and they put EXCESS CATS DOWN, something The Scratching Post NEVER does. Smithy here would have been PUT TO SLEEP by the big boys, make no mistake about that.

If you could just spare ONE POUND, this would help The Scratching Post enormously. Elaine has just recently set up the Scratching Post at Paypal's Just Giving Charity Fund and you can use this link to donate. You can also see via that link various ebay listings, including Sponsor listings, that will benefit the Scratching Post.

If you can help, it would be so very, very appreciated. You'd be helping to keep a little, dedicated charity open. Thank you. If you could also share this posting with everyone who might help that would also be appreciated.



  1. Smithy is one handsome dude now that he has been rescued. I am purring he and the other cats at the rescue find forever homes soon and that the rescue gets all the money it needs. ~Scylla

  2. That Smithy is one handsome Man Cat. If we lived over there I may ask Dad to invite him over for a roll in the nip. Since he has the snip and I have the clip no kittens. Kind of sad but so impawtent.
    I will also ask my fur-sibs to collect some treat allowance to help
    Ms Fitz


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