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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flossie arrives at the Tea

Flossie - joined October 2011
Hi, I really wouldn't deem to be bothered with compootery things so I have asked my staff, Elaine, to tell you a bit about me. My name is Flossie and I am 5 years old and long-haired. I was born in a very kind lady's garden in June 2006 and she used to play with us and cuddle us ....... Elaine thinks that's why my brother and I are so good natured 'cos she handled us so much but I say it's in my genes!! I'm a sweetie by nature :)

Clearly a garden wasn't the best place to grow up and the kind lady couldn't keep me and my other 5 siblings, so a lovely charity called The Scratching Post (at ) rescued us, although the lady did say that, as I was very close to one of my brothers, she hoped they would home us together (and they did!).

When Elaine & John came visiting the cattery, looking for two cats ...... well, it was love at first sight :)   They immediately loved me and Minstrel (although we were called something else then!!) and off we went to our new home on 4th November 2006! They'd not long lost a much loved cat, who had given them a good training (RIP Bella and thank you!), so it wasn't long before they knew their place. In all honesty, Minstrel and I love them to bits, especially Elaine who we follow round like adoring little lambs. We can't wait to sit on her lap and we've both been told we have purrs to die for :)

Now then .... brothers ....... lots of us have them but they can be a pain! Most of the time I love Minstrel but from time to time he does play rough and I have to stand up for myself. Funnily enough though, when we're outside, he's an absolute scaredy-cat! I stand up to any passing cat. Even the big ginger tom who comes round from time to time has learnt that I can fluff up and look ten times my size and he backs down ...... but Minstrel! He's off at the mere sight of another cat! And he's bigger than me! Elaine says I've got more balls than Minstrel but I'm sure this is not the way you should describe a lady :)

Still ..... with people ...... Elaine says that me and Minstrel are the nicest natured cats she's ever known. Well ...... credit where credit's due! I have to agree! However, we both insist on a specific variety of Felix cat food called Ocean Feasts (sorry ...... don't like Whiskas!). I also insist that the toileting facilities are absolutely pristine otherwise I do go elsewhere and John gets a bit upset! Can't think why! A girl has got to keep up standards after all!

I am always on the go and love moving my little soft toys round the house and if I find anything new, I always pat it to check its playability. I have appeared as a Guest of Honour on Elaine's blog at : as, quite frankly, what I get up to is far more interesting than her usual drivel :)
I will, of course, abide by your Code of Honour as an upstanding, long-haired tortie :)
Love Flossie


  1. Oh! I am so pleased to meet you Flossie. You are a raving beauty and your*whisper* beard is to die for! Your markings are stunningly beautiful.

  2. Welcome lovely girl - we are pleased to meet you!!

  3. Furry pleazed to meet you Flossie~ I am gardener in my family.
    You furry bootiful ladycat ~
    Purrz~ Ana

  4. Welcome Flossie. I just love your markings. ~Scylla

  5. Nice to meet you Flossie! I have four brothers so I know what you mean about them being a pain! I can get pretty hissy with them and my mom always tries to calm me down saying they are just teasing me with their whaps on my behind as I walk past. Really! I demand rrr eee sss pee eee cee tee!! -- C. Lisa

  6. Flossie, you are such a pretty lady! I am so glad you could join us!


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