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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

C. Lisa is ready for Tea!

Whew! Well it took a little while for my mom to remember how to get into blogger but here I am!! In fact, it took her soooo long that I just had to take a little nap...

but I'm now wide awake and ready for some deeelicious tea treats...

So good to meet you all. My mom and cat family and I live in the metropolitan DC area. My mom found me hiding out under her porch on a cold, sleety day in January of 2005. I'm very shy and hardly anyone ever sees me but mommy as I run and hide the minute I hear a voice that isn't mom's.

I am a well proportioned gal and I can't seem to pass a food bowl without nomming a bit so I got the name Chunky Lisa. Hey, I didn't care. I was a big, beautiful girl. Then about a year and a half ago my mom noticed that eating sometimes hurt my mouth. She was so worried that I had oral cancer (as her first cat, Bill, had it), but the vet said no, it wasn't cancer but something called stomatitus. The vet man removed some of my back teefs and I have been on low doses of antibiotics off and on ever since. Since then, I've lost the extra weight and think I look even better then before! I still love to eat but my mom decided to change my name to C. Lisa now to better reflect my new svelte self.

My mom just can't say no to a cat in need so once our house was filled to the brim with cats! At one point we had 12!! But since 2007 our numbers started dwindling as cats ran off to the rainbow bridge, so now we are down to five. Me and four stinky boy cats.

Although there is one boy I'm quite fond of...Figaro, aka, Figgy, and Figgy Pudding

Here we are hating the flashy box. Figgy is the only cat I will allow to get close to me and snuggle with.

Well, I think that's all for now. I am feeling a bit parched...


  1. Hi I'm from my blog life with Ragdolls and the ladies of autumn! It's great to met you hope you can come by my other blog life with Ragdolls because it's my Ragdolls birth day!!:-)

  2. Try the Earl Grey tea I think it is my favorite. As a rather full figured kinda girl myself I can relate. My nickname is Kitty Cow. But I prefer Scylla and am working hard to get my girlish figure back. I think C Lisa fits you better then Chunky. You are gorgeous. ~Scylla

  3. By all means have some tea! The photo of you with Figgy is very cute!

  4. Hi C. Lisa! I agree with Scylla, Chunky does not fit you! You are very pretty, and I love the pic of you and Figgy!


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