Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Am I Late for Tea???

Me with my tea party hat.

 Yoko here from Cats of Wildcat Woods.  Mom has been running ragged the past few days with me being sick with a UTI and our Lily being picked on by other cats.  We did not want to miss your tea though!

I am a very elderly ladycat of 20 years and plus.  I was born in Florida where my Mom and Pop lived until 1998 when they moved to North Carolina.  They already had found our lovely Angel Chica (also a member here) and they wanted to get her a companion.  At first they wanted a puppy but there were no puppies at the shelter that day. The lady cleaning cages asked Pop if he could hold one of a litter of kittens while she got the momcat and litter mates out. 

Me in Fl as a youngster

It was love at first sight for Pop and they never looked back.  I was so young, I still had blue eyes and also was very sick with a parasite and could not keep my food down.  Mom made a substitute mother's milk for me and found another vet who diagnosed this right.  Even tho I was sick at first I was a ball of fire!

The unhappy part was that Chica did not want a sister and was very mean to me so I learned to find hidy spots way up on the shelves in the closet or on the cabinets in the kitchen.  She only picked on me when no one was around so I got good at hiding.  As we both got older she tolerated me more and more.

Me now at 20.

When we moved to NC and took in all the feral cats, Chica had too many others to boss around, she left me alone and I was happy.  I really didn't mind all the other cats.  I know I am in my twilight years now but with Chica at the Bridge, I am getting all the attention and love she got and I like it so I may stick around for a few years yet.


Ragdoll Mommy said...

Hi it's me (Star) from Life with Ragdolls and The ladies of Autumn too! And I love this party and it's GREAT to met you! Hope you can come by my other blog life with Ragdolls!:-) have a nice day

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Yoko, you are never to late for tea. I am so glad you felt up to coming. Here have one of the salmon finger sandwiches, don't they look purrty? They taste even better. ~Scylla said...

you are so precious Yoko, and don't look a day over 10!

possumlady said...

Our cat elders are most respected and are never late to anything!

So nice to meet you Yoko! You will have to give us all your secrets on aging gracefully -- C. Lisa

LaniBaby said...

What a lovely hat!

SailorEdgar said...

Pleased to meet you, sweet Yoko! Gracie did not like Millie very much when we adopted Millie, but now they get along, more or less. :-)

Timmy Tomcat said...

I am so happy to meet a dignified elder who may pass on the ways of cat society
Hello Yoko

Lily said...

Hi Yoko! I'm glad you could come. It's never too late!

rinrinflu said...

New blogger!:) Meowhello, lots ofkisses