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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Ladies of Autumn Do Paris ~Scylla & Ms Fitz

Ms Fitz, Toby, Scylla, Socks, Rumpy, Buttons, Buddy Timmy
Scylla & Ms Fitz are hanging out at the  Place de la Concorde with their families.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

goodbye everyone! we'll miss this tea party!!

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to let you know that well, Since the tea party is over for now I am no longer posting until the party is up again.But I will probably still keep commenting on my old posts or other people's posts.This party has been so fun!! But i'm sad about it ending.Me and Star have had a wonderful time!! Thank you Scylla for letting me come to this awesome tea party!! Have a great day everyone! love Ragdoll mommy and Star!

Friday, August 16, 2013


 Birthday cake animation

Today Astrid from The Cat on My Head and a member of The Ladies of Autumn is celebrating her second birthday along with her sisfur, Lisbeth. Astrid (originally Tabitha) and her brofur, Timber, were abandoned kitties who were adopted by Tuxie, Lisbeth's mom.

Astrid's human mom discovered her on PetFinder and decided to adopt both she and Lisbeth. They joined six other kitties already in residence.

We hope you'll drop by The Cat on My Head today and wish these two young ladies Happy Birthday.


Hello from Ms Fitz

Hi Ladies:

I am so glad to have a nice place to visit without having stinky Man-Cats underfoot. They are just so... 

Oh exmews me, where are my manners, this is Ms Fitz and I moved into the Tomcat Home just this January. I was a foster for the group Spay and Save where Dad volunteers. Mom was feral and I was very sick. My Dad kept me safe and warm in my own little crate with a nice box where I lived for a month. They were worried about me  but I am a tough gal and pulled through. 

When I recovered me and the brofurs went to adoption events. Hoo-Cat I hated those things. I would just lay there with my head down and people would ask if I was sick. Dad would tell them about how much I liked to play and run at home and I would see them looking at him with those funny human looks. Dad even made You Tube films of me to help out. I really did not want to go anywhere.

After 6 months Dad was getting me ready for another event and he just looked at me, let me out of the box of doom and said he would adopt me. I walked all over the foster room with my tail in the air letting out a big purr. That night when he came home we left the foster room and met my brofurs.

Well, uh, yes, that is for another day

I so look forward to joining in the fun. Seems you Lady-Cats really know how to enjoy yourselves.
The Indomitable Ms Fitz

It is wonderful to see that good works are a part of this blog. We will pass on info about The Scratching Post on our bloggie.

Over on our side of the pond our family is putting a paw forward to help MaxMaxx of Noirs Nook. He needed emergency surgery and the CB has graciously set up  an Auction to help out. 

Hope you can stop by to check out the great auction items. 

Have a fun weekend!
Ms Fitz

we had a great time

Hi everyone! This tea party has been a blast!! Thank you all so much for the invite! I had so much FUN!!! but i'm very sad that it ended!! Me and Star had a great time meeting new friends and just having fun with you all!! I look forward to next year's party!! PS: I'm very happy that i'm on top of the members list!!! Thank you Scylla!! Love Ragdoll mommy&Star!


Dear Peoples,

Since the tea is over, I have brought my favorite leftover bag by to collect anything you all haven't eaten. I waste nothing.
Is there anything left?


Mrs. Peabody.

Thank you Scylla!

Hi everyone! I just must say that this tea party is a blast!! I sure hope I can be invited again next year! Thanks again Scylla your awesome!!:-) I hope you have a great day! Without you (Scylla) I would never have been invited! This party has been great and it is great meeting new friends,I love this tea party,I enjoy it every day of my life! Thank you so much Scylla! Your a wonderful friend!:-) love Ragdoll mommy&Star

Help for The Scratching Post Cat Rescue Charity in the UK

Hi Ladies :)
I'm sorry I wasn't as involved in the tea party as I would have liked ....... well I was having a cuddle here with my Dad, John :)

As for Mum ...... well, she's been very busy trying to raise funds for The Scratching Post Cat Rescue, where me and Minstrel, my brother, came from. Mind you ..... not that I can remember the place! We enslaved John and Elaine when we were only 4 months old, so I can't remember there at all as we're 7 years old now. All I DO know, is that Wednesday morning Mum disappears and when she comes back, she certainly smells funny! Talk about mix with a lot of other cats, if the smells on her trousers can be believed! I don't really approve, but she seems to like disappearing on a Wednesday morning, so Minstrel and I indulge her!

To be honest, Minstrel is a real softie and would let Mum do anything!!

However, Mum does talk to John a lot about the different cats there and the fact that they NEVER put a cat 'down' (whatever that means?) ...... but that they are really struggling at the moment with this odd stuff called money! You see, apparently they have had a lot of cats being given to them at the moment, including lots of cats that are pregnant. Even one that was heavily pregnant and dumped on the doorstep of the charity shop they have in Enfield, North London! Can you believe that someone would do something that stupid? Added to that, their vets bills are ENORMOUS ....... easily £3,000 per month. Now ...... as far as I'm concerned ........ I don't like going there so I'd be quite happy to stay at home and not pay the vet anything!

However, Smithy here is one of the cats there at the moment and he's had to go to the vet TWICE to have teeth out; the first trip was for the ones that had to come out and the second because there were teeth that the vet tried to save but had to remove in the end! And one of those visits included 'the snip'! Ouch! Sounds painful ...... and Mum says it was all VERY expensive! Still, Smithy looks rather a handsome chap now (not that I'm interested in chaps you understand!!).

However, this was Smithy back in April. Poor thing! He'd been a stray for a while and was in a terrible condition. His coat was all matted and he was covered in ticks.

To be honest, if I'd been treated this badly by people I think I'd just want to bite and scratch. However, he let The Scratching Post shave all the matted fur on his tummy and apparently he's rather a favourite with the volunteers at The Scratching Post. He's a very friendly chap who loves to be fussed so hopefully, since he scrubbed rather nicely don't you think(?), he'll get a furever home soon.

However, there's the rub! Not so many people are coming forward at the moment to adopt cats and so things are getting really difficult with this money stuff for The Scratching Post.

Can you help? Things are getting that bad at the moment that CLOSURE is a frightening possibility. Lots of small animal charities are in the same situation, to be honest, and if they close THE ONLY SHELTERS LEFT WILL BE THE BIG BOYS like the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs Home ........ and they put EXCESS CATS DOWN, something The Scratching Post NEVER does. Smithy here would have been PUT TO SLEEP by the big boys, make no mistake about that.

If you could just spare ONE POUND, this would help The Scratching Post enormously. Elaine has just recently set up the Scratching Post at Paypal's Just Giving Charity Fund and you can use this link to donate. You can also see via that link various ebay listings, including Sponsor listings, that will benefit the Scratching Post.

If you can help, it would be so very, very appreciated. You'd be helping to keep a little, dedicated charity open. Thank you. If you could also share this posting with everyone who might help that would also be appreciated.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tea Party Wrap Up

We are having such a wonderful time at our tea. Please visit the wonderful ladies and learn more about them.

 Miss Ivy is here,  Shadow has shared her rescue story with us.

 Yesterday these lovely ladies arrived   Yoko from Cats of Wildcat Woods,   C Lisa, the 3 sisters  Lily Olivia, Astrid and Calista Josette who blog @ The Cat on My Head, Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody.  One of the funding members of TLOA Vanilla, Dolly from Brian's Home ,  Lily Le Mew  from Lily Le Mew and Jan Too, Scylla from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs,  Flossie  who does guest post on Elaine's blog and  Star from Life with Ragdolls.  


The fun has just Begun!!

The fun never ends!
It really doesn't!
It sure doesn't!
Like my hat?
Kitty nap-time!
Sleepin'  Beauty.Your  doin' it right!! Lol
I needs my beauty sleep!
'N' my hat;)
Night night!
Beauty rest!
Mom loves this lol!:xd


Shadow - joined October 2011
Jacqueline writes: Shadow was rescued from a high kill shelter in SC. In 2010 I lost my mother, then lost my devoted friend Butterball, a 15 year old tortie. Last thing I was ready to do was adopt another pet. Then, a friend posted Shadow's picture marked URGENT--she was going to be put to sleep if she wasn't adopted. I couldn't get her pic out of my head--she looked so pitiful. I tossed and turned all night thinking about her. At around 5 am I knew I had to stop them from putting her to sleep. We contacted anyone and everyone who could possibly help. We found several kind hearted people who went to great lengths to secure her safety. I found a great rescue transport group who were willing to transport her all the way to NY. Meeting the van at 3 in the morning to pick up Shadow who was cramped in a carrier for 17 hours after spay surgery was one of the most exciting nights of my life! She came out of the carrier full of spunk and confidence, but emaciated and malnourished! She immediately took to her surroundings, ate and ate, then lay down next to me. She's been a joy since! I will post an album documenting her progress. Thank you for considering her for admittance!

Cupcakes anyone?

Hi,everyone! Yesterday me and my mom (Ragdoll mommy),made cupcakes! And guess what? They are for the tea party! We are sorry we didn't post pictures of them yesterday when they were Actually,made lol! But here is the picture.
They were so Delicious and pretty! 
Me and my mom hope you guys,I mean ladies enjoy these cupcakes we made! Ps:Please help yourself to whatever you like.Oh and while your at it get some tea! Love Ragdoll mommy&Star:-)

More Tea Please

Shadow shared this lovely painting with us.  Doesn't it look lovely hanging in the club house?

We has even more food today then we had yesterday, please help yourselves. Miss Ivy is here, other lovely ladies may be appearing throughout the day.

 Yesterday these lovely ladies arrived   Yoko from Cats of Wildcat Woods,   C Lisa, the 3 sisters  Lily Olivia, Astrid and Calista Josette who blog @ The Cat on My Head, Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody.  One of the funding members of TLOA Vanilla, Dolly from Brian's Home ,  Lily Le Mew  from Lily Le Mew and Jan Too, Scylla from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs,  Flossie  who does guest post on Elaine's blog and  Star from Life with Ragdolls.  


Tea party time!!

Hi everyone! This tea party has been a blast!! I'm so glad I got in to this awesome tea party!! Thanks again everyone! :-) here is a few pictures of Star:-)
Star asleep:-)

Miss ivy

So nice to be here with all you ladies. I would have been here sooner but for mom-interference and living in a house full of boys.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Tea Continues

We has  some more foods so dig in, if you need anything just ask the staff and they will provide it. More lovely ladies have arrived.  Yoko from Cats of Wildcat Woods, She has been under the weather so I am so glad she felt well enough to attend, I think Yoko may be our oldest member.  C Lisa is also here. As well as 3 fabulous sisters Lily Olivia, Astrid and Calista Josette who blog @ The Cat on My Head. And we have our very own film star be sure to introduce yourself to Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody.  One of the funding members of TLOA Vanilla has arrived, we are so honored to have her join us.  

And these ladies are still here.  Dolly from Brian's Home ,  Lily Le Mew  from Lily Le Mew and Jan Too, Scylla from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs,  Flossie  who does guest post on Elaine's blog and  Star from Life with Ragdolls 

The tea has been a huge success. We are all having so much fun we may continue it tomorrow. So if any ladies are running late feel free to go ahead and come introduce yourselves. It's never to late for tea at TLOA. 

Also remember you can host events or post whenever you would like to. ~Scylla

My thanks to you SCYLLA AND EVERYONE!!!!!:-)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank everyone for letting me come to this wonderful and awesome tea party!! My biggest thanks has must go to Scylla for letting me join this lovely tea party! I sure hope I can come by again next year!! 7 words that best describe this party? I'd have to go with *um*.1 (Awesome).2 (lovely).3 (wonderful) 4 (fun).5 (great).6 (nice) 7.( my favorite party!!!)

Whitstable Cat Vanilla @ the Tea

Whitstable Cat - joined August 2011

This is Vanilla, the Whitstable Cat. She potters from window to bedroom chasing sunshine. When Scout (@ScoutsTweets) viewed this photograph, she remarked: 'You could guard a bridge with that expression'. According to her Staff, Vanilla is apparently not as grumpy as she looks. Contrary to her countenance, her favourite activity is purring into the Staff's ear. Whitstable Cat is a proud member of the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF) and one of the founder members of the Ladies Of Autumn.She can be found on Twitter (@WhitstableCat).

Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody

Hello, Everyone!

I heard about your wonderful tea party and so I have asked to join The Ladies of Autumn and been accepted! Therefore, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody. I am a six year old tortie cat. In August of 2006, I was living in an alley in Illinois. Some ladies walked by and found children poking me and my tiny brethren with sticks! They took us in the house and cared for us because we were so very small. At the time, these ladies were neighbors of an acquaintance of my mother's, and so my mother asked if she could see the rescued kittens. Well, she decided that since we were so tiny, she could find space in her home for at least one of us! And so she said: "who here would like to go home with me?" and I opened my eyes and said "Meeeow." and she said "Are you sure?" and again I said "Meeowyes." So she untucked me from the pile of my siblings and off we went! At only five weeks old, I could barely move around so my very first toilet was a cut up box of Cocoa Pebbles. I didn't have a kitten mother, so the dog, Doodle, took care of me. She carried me around, cleaned me up when I pooped, and was my best friend! Rocky and Niles, the two older cats, learned to love me, too. And now, at six years of age, I live in Chicago with those same brothers and sister and a new sister named Crepes, the voice behind Sometimes, I appear on there, too, but since it's her blog for special needs animals, I let her do most of the talking.

I have, however, appeared in "Catalogue," the Catdance finalist, as a voice talent. I also played "The Wolf" in my mother's movie "The Wolf." And I will be appearing in a new film, coming soon!

I love boxes and suckling soft blankets and robes, especially if they're being worn by my mother. I'm an excellent hunter and climber, and am the quickest of all the cats in the house! And I love to be spanked, not too hard, of course.

It's nice to meet you all and I'm thrilled to be a Lady of Autumn!
Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody

The Autumnal Ladies from The Cat on My Head


Lily Olivia

Calista Josette

We are so excited to have a club for ladies where we can come for tea and noms and some good girl talk. We don't particularly get along with each other, so we're hoping to meet some new kitties and make some friends. 

The three of us live with our one brofur, Mauricio, and four other sisfurs at The Cat on My Head (who is Misty May, a tuxie girl) in Virginia. The calico is Lily Olivia. She's the oldest kitty at our house. She's 14. Astrid, the tortoise shell will turn two on August 17, and Calista Josette, the dilute tortie, turned one last month. Even though she's the baby, she is way bigger than Astrid.

Lily Olivia has daytime outdoor privileges but Astrid and Calista Jo only have catio privileges. After the catio was built a couple of years ago, our mommy decided that no more kitties would get to go totally outside. So now only the three oldest kitties get that opportunity.

Astrid, however, is very sneaky and escapes sometimes, which makes Mom very nervous. We have skunks and opossums and raccoons that hang around, and they are all bigger than she is.

We think we will sign off now and start meeting efurrybuddy who has come to tea today.

With best regards, purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Astrid and Calista Josette

Am I Late for Tea???

Me with my tea party hat.

 Yoko here from Cats of Wildcat Woods.  Mom has been running ragged the past few days with me being sick with a UTI and our Lily being picked on by other cats.  We did not want to miss your tea though!

I am a very elderly ladycat of 20 years and plus.  I was born in Florida where my Mom and Pop lived until 1998 when they moved to North Carolina.  They already had found our lovely Angel Chica (also a member here) and they wanted to get her a companion.  At first they wanted a puppy but there were no puppies at the shelter that day. The lady cleaning cages asked Pop if he could hold one of a litter of kittens while she got the momcat and litter mates out. 

Me in Fl as a youngster

It was love at first sight for Pop and they never looked back.  I was so young, I still had blue eyes and also was very sick with a parasite and could not keep my food down.  Mom made a substitute mother's milk for me and found another vet who diagnosed this right.  Even tho I was sick at first I was a ball of fire!

The unhappy part was that Chica did not want a sister and was very mean to me so I learned to find hidy spots way up on the shelves in the closet or on the cabinets in the kitchen.  She only picked on me when no one was around so I got good at hiding.  As we both got older she tolerated me more and more.

Me now at 20.

When we moved to NC and took in all the feral cats, Chica had too many others to boss around, she left me alone and I was happy.  I really didn't mind all the other cats.  I know I am in my twilight years now but with Chica at the Bridge, I am getting all the attention and love she got and I like it so I may stick around for a few years yet.

C. Lisa is ready for Tea!

Whew! Well it took a little while for my mom to remember how to get into blogger but here I am!! In fact, it took her soooo long that I just had to take a little nap...

but I'm now wide awake and ready for some deeelicious tea treats...

So good to meet you all. My mom and cat family and I live in the metropolitan DC area. My mom found me hiding out under her porch on a cold, sleety day in January of 2005. I'm very shy and hardly anyone ever sees me but mommy as I run and hide the minute I hear a voice that isn't mom's.

I am a well proportioned gal and I can't seem to pass a food bowl without nomming a bit so I got the name Chunky Lisa. Hey, I didn't care. I was a big, beautiful girl. Then about a year and a half ago my mom noticed that eating sometimes hurt my mouth. She was so worried that I had oral cancer (as her first cat, Bill, had it), but the vet said no, it wasn't cancer but something called stomatitus. The vet man removed some of my back teefs and I have been on low doses of antibiotics off and on ever since. Since then, I've lost the extra weight and think I look even better then before! I still love to eat but my mom decided to change my name to C. Lisa now to better reflect my new svelte self.

My mom just can't say no to a cat in need so once our house was filled to the brim with cats! At one point we had 12!! But since 2007 our numbers started dwindling as cats ran off to the rainbow bridge, so now we are down to five. Me and four stinky boy cats.

Although there is one boy I'm quite fond of...Figaro, aka, Figgy, and Figgy Pudding

Here we are hating the flashy box. Figgy is the only cat I will allow to get close to me and snuggle with.

Well, I think that's all for now. I am feeling a bit parched...

Have a Finger Sandwich ....................

Have a finger sandwich and help yourself to more tea and cookies. So far Dolly from Brian's Home ,  Lily Le Mew  from Lily Le Mew and Jan Too, Scylla from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs,  Flossie  who does guest post on Elaine's blog and  Star from Life with Ragdolls have arrived. Keep your eyes peeled as more lovely ladies will be arriving throughout the day. ~Scylla

Flossie arrives at the Tea

Flossie - joined October 2011
Hi, I really wouldn't deem to be bothered with compootery things so I have asked my staff, Elaine, to tell you a bit about me. My name is Flossie and I am 5 years old and long-haired. I was born in a very kind lady's garden in June 2006 and she used to play with us and cuddle us ....... Elaine thinks that's why my brother and I are so good natured 'cos she handled us so much but I say it's in my genes!! I'm a sweetie by nature :)

Clearly a garden wasn't the best place to grow up and the kind lady couldn't keep me and my other 5 siblings, so a lovely charity called The Scratching Post (at ) rescued us, although the lady did say that, as I was very close to one of my brothers, she hoped they would home us together (and they did!).

When Elaine & John came visiting the cattery, looking for two cats ...... well, it was love at first sight :)   They immediately loved me and Minstrel (although we were called something else then!!) and off we went to our new home on 4th November 2006! They'd not long lost a much loved cat, who had given them a good training (RIP Bella and thank you!), so it wasn't long before they knew their place. In all honesty, Minstrel and I love them to bits, especially Elaine who we follow round like adoring little lambs. We can't wait to sit on her lap and we've both been told we have purrs to die for :)

Now then .... brothers ....... lots of us have them but they can be a pain! Most of the time I love Minstrel but from time to time he does play rough and I have to stand up for myself. Funnily enough though, when we're outside, he's an absolute scaredy-cat! I stand up to any passing cat. Even the big ginger tom who comes round from time to time has learnt that I can fluff up and look ten times my size and he backs down ...... but Minstrel! He's off at the mere sight of another cat! And he's bigger than me! Elaine says I've got more balls than Minstrel but I'm sure this is not the way you should describe a lady :)

Still ..... with people ...... Elaine says that me and Minstrel are the nicest natured cats she's ever known. Well ...... credit where credit's due! I have to agree! However, we both insist on a specific variety of Felix cat food called Ocean Feasts (sorry ...... don't like Whiskas!). I also insist that the toileting facilities are absolutely pristine otherwise I do go elsewhere and John gets a bit upset! Can't think why! A girl has got to keep up standards after all!

I am always on the go and love moving my little soft toys round the house and if I find anything new, I always pat it to check its playability. I have appeared as a Guest of Honour on Elaine's blog at : as, quite frankly, what I get up to is far more interesting than her usual drivel :)
I will, of course, abide by your Code of Honour as an upstanding, long-haired tortie :)
Love Flossie

Time for tea?:-)

Hi everyone! Today is time for tea!!!:-)
My very first picture at the party!!:-)
My tea
My party
My hat
Having fun!
Love my hat
Love the party
Love it.
Time for tea! 

Colorful Calicoes Scylla & Chimera

Scylla is in the top two pictures and Chimera is in the side and bottom pictures.