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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time for Tea?

C. Lisa is so happy to be invited to join the Ladies of Autumn! She is wearing her Sunday best for Hat Day and hopes to be able to have tea with her new girlfriends! She lives with four boy cats (P.U.) and is excited for some female companionship...

Please excuse if the photo is small. It's been three years since I worked in blogger and I'm needing to get back my blogging mojo!


  1. Such a lovely hat!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  2. Hi C. Lisa! That is a pretty hat!

  3. C. Lisa, I am so glad you could join us for hat day, sorry for the short notice. But you look purrfect.

    A tea party sounds terrific.

  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone!

    Christine and C. Lisa

  5. C. Lisa, you sure are looking lovely in your pretty hat!

  6. You look lovely in your hat! I would love to "take tea" with you :)


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