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Monday, May 07, 2012

Birthday Party for Zelda da Calico

Zelda da Calico just turned TWO May 5.  Happy Belated Birthday Zelda. Now lets party!

We has tuna steaks.

Shrimp and Alaskan Snow Crab

Assorted drinks

Plenty of nip

And of course a Birthday Cake....................
Hope you had a wonderful birthday Zelda. Enjoy your party. ~The Ladies of Autumn


  1. Welcome to the party everyone. Zelda hope you had a Great Birthday and enjoy celebrating with your fellow Ladies of Autumn today. ~Scylla

  2. Happy Birthday to Zelda! Let's party!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday darling. xoxoxoxox

  4. MoMo, I love your outfit. Katie Isabella, I am so glad you could come to the party. ~Scylla

  5. I has to go to bed now but everybody feel free to party on. ~Scylla

  6. Happy Birthday Zelda! Hope you've been having a great party with the Autumn Ladies. We'll have a little nibble and the play on.

    Laura & Taffy

  7. Happy Belated Birthday !!!

    JC & The Purr and Fur Gang

  8. A belated Happy Birthday, Zelda! That tuna looks especially good.

  9. Happy Belated Birfday Zelda darling..from the sisfur of the first 2 Ladies of Autumn.


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