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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Have you Heard da Nooz???

Hey Efuryone have you heard da Nooz owr Sweet furiend Momo iz gonna be Alright!!!! Yea!!!

08 winter - private garden momo

It’z NOT cancer!! Here,,,, dis is what Momo said: Just goes to show the amazing power of global purrs. My biopsy result has come back and it is inflammatory and not cancerous!!!!
Thankyou to all for your the purrs. They are pawsome. Let's party!!!
We are doing happy dances here!!!!
Yes, I have to go back for injections, but that's minor. I am eating a little better and not salivating so much. The sun is shining and we are just sooooo happy!”

We say: “Fank you, oh Saint ov Salmon Ceiling Cat”fur saving owr Momo……. Amen!


Mieow , you heard da girl …… she said Let’z Pawty!!!!!!


Let’z Fatten this girl up……. Niptini’z & Cake all around! good thin we still had sum left …. ^..^

Black-Devil-Niptini_Design Crush


Yea Momo!!! We luvz you!

         Now let’z Pawty!! ^..^


  1. We heard and it's mahvelous news! Yay fur the power of the paw!

  2. That is great news !!!

    And, MoMo is stunning.


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