Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Gracie - joined March 2012
A message from Gracie's Staff:

As soon as we went into the room where Gracie was at the Animal Shelter, she came out from under something and started meowing at us and rubbing against our ankles. We picked her up, sat on a bench, and put her on our laps, where she started purring and rubbing against us. We knew we had found our kitty.

"Because their sense of security is linked to their territorial instinct, cats make mental maps of their personal space. It may take a cat cartographer as long as six months before he feels he can settle down comfortably in a new home." (365 Cats calendar). I am sure that is true of many cats, but it was not true of Gracie. As soon as we let hour out of the carrier, she happily went exploring. She seemed thrilled to be in her new home. Or, maybe she was thrilled to be home again.

When we are cutting or preparing raw vegetables on the kitchen counter, Gracie nearly always comes to us and begs for some of what we are preparing. However, if we do give her something (harmless), such as celery, she never eats it. Gracie does like to lick the insides of our breakfast cereal bowls (as long as we are using Gracie-approved bowls) when we are done with them.

Gracie often likes to dip her paw in her water bowl and lick the water off her paw. In addition, she will often play in her water bowl, splashing water out. When she does this, she often splashes out so much water that we moved her water bowl into the bathtub. This is not a problem for her, because she can easily get into the bathtub!

Gracie's name comes from three sources: A. Gracie Allen (the wife of George Burns), B. a nice little shop dog Ron met in an antique shop in Lakeland, Florida, C. Ron's mother's middle name, Grace. She also has the nickname, Little Miss Thunder Paws as she is speedy on those little legs.


Katie Isabella said...

OH GRACIE! I am THRILLED to see you here. YOu are a gorgeous girl and a purrfect Lady of Autumn. Thank you for gracing (no pun intended) our ranks of gorgeousness.

Loved reading about you. xoxox

Lady Bianca aka Admiral Hestorb and Katie Isabella

Avalons Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

YEA!!!!!Gracie you made it:)))) me iz so Glad you here wif me ^..^ you make Splendid Lady ov Autumn ♥xoxo♥
Purrz ~

JC said...

Well, she is just too cute. I'm glad you took her home.

SailorEdgar said...

Thank you for making our Gracie a Lady of Autumn...she is in good company!

Bess The Cat said...

We are very honoured that Gracie could join us. I would like to thank the Staff of both Admiral Hestorb & Ana for their part in making the magic happen!

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Welcome Gracie. ~Scylla