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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Goodbye to a dainty, demure Lady Of Autumn

Our lovely, little darling had been poorly for a while. Within the last hour this message was posted by Hannah on our Facebook Group Page:

Dear Ladies of Autumn, I am so sorry to have to tell you that one of your members Lady Saffron today went over the rainbow. Her condition had got worse and she could hardly walk. So a hard decision was made. She was always demure and lady like and will be sorely missed by all her family :(
--- We will miss you dreadfully, Lady Saffron. We will always think of you daintily perched on the arm of a chair watching the world go by with serene grace. Always in our hearts, pretty lady.


  1. Oh my beautiful Lady Saffron. I did not know. I am so so so sorries.

    My sisfur Admiral makes it her business to meet all #TLOA Ladies purrsonally at the Bridge and give them the welcome they have come to expect.

    But I know that her pawrents are very sads. Peace be with them and the knowledge that Lady Saffron was so loved and cared for was something she understood and returned to her pawrents.


  2. Much love to Hannah and her family at this sad time.

    It is always very difficult when you have to help an old friend over the Rainbow Bridge but she will know how much you cared for her.

    Saffron will be free from her illness now so I hope, in time, you will take comfort from your happy memories of her.

    Take care.


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