Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lily Le Mew

Lily Le Mew - joined February 2012

Hello!  My name is Lily Le Mew, but you can just call me Lily.  I live with my mommy and daddy in Kaysville, Utah.  My daddy found me at work, after having been living behind a hotel.  Now I have my own home with a big back yard where I am such a good hunter!  I love seafood, cheese, and my favorite toy ever da Bird.  You can read about me and my adventures on my blog at


Bess The Cat said...

Dear Lily,

We embrace you, Sister Lily, and promise to honour and protect you for all eternity. Please don't feel neglected on our Blog. Most of The Ladies Of Autumn activity happens on Facebook. Here are some of the comments your post has received:

Jacqueline Barrett: ‎*GASP!* Lily Le Mew! what a beautiful girl you are!!!!!!!

Tallulah Belle: Oh whut a cute wee nosie yu hab :D

Cheryl Veazey: gorgeous girl

Alasandra Alawine: Welcome Lily, I love your name we are partial to flowers here. ~Scylla

Carole Schulman: Isn't she gorgeous? Oh what a beautiful girl!

Lily, thanks for joining. I thoroughly enjoy facilitating the autumnal love fest.

Katie Isabella said...

YOu precius little girl. Be sure to come out and see effurybuddy now. We want to welcome you into the CB.