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Monday, January 30, 2012

Who is this little stunner?

It's Kallie Kitty & it's her birthday. Woo-hoo!

Here she is, our lovely little Lady Of Autumn, Kallie Kitty. Darling, I've procured some of those elusive red squirrels from Brownsea Island for you to watch from the comfort of a cozy perch on your special day. Enjoy. Also, I've imported a boat load of feathered toys as I've heard on the grapevine that you're a bit partial to these. Anything else you require to celebrate your birthday in style, just fax me.


  1. Happy Birthday Kallie Kitty, you are looking particularly lovely today. ~Scylla

  2. Isn't she pretty .. Happy Birthday !!!

  3. Purrz~ "Happy Birfday" Kallie Kitty
    hope you getz All your favorite thinz.......


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