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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Twinky - joined January 2012
Hello. My name is Twinky and I live in March near Cambridge in UK.
I am 7 yrs old and 4 yrs ago I was rescued from the RSPCA after I was hit by a car and broke both my back legs.
I live with my mum, dad and sister Mia in the lap of luxury. I expect and demand the highest level of affection and care and cannot be expected to manage on anything less than 21 hours of sleep a day.
I love my home and my family. But I am a creature of habit and will not accept any form of intruder within the grounds of the family estate. I have a busy schedule so I expect dinner times to be prompt. X


  1. keep strong twinky, amazing u can survive from the accident, I hope u will have a new better live with ur family, let's we make friend twinky, I'm 'puput' from indonesia.. I have many friends at home, such as iguana lizard, many kind of fishes, bunnies, shiro the brazilian turtle, etc.. nice to see u..

  2. Hi Twinky, glad you come to join us ^..^ , Glad you survived your accident dat waz jus Awful :( glad you Better now :)
    Purrz ~ Ana

  3. oh mai but yu gets gorgizer n gorgizer ebbury times we sees yu.

    lulu & Minnie



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