Thursday, January 26, 2012


Tulula - joined January 2012
Good day ladies, my name is Tulula and I am a female 6 year old calico princess who has only just found my new forever home. For the most part I have had a very happy life living with my first human who was elderly and unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. That was a very sad time for me because I was very scared and confused when I was taken from the only home I knew and placed in an animal shelter.
But my dark days did not last long as a family friend who always loved me found out that I was in a shelter and came rushing to my rescue.
21/01/2011 is the day I came to live in my new forever home with my new mumsy that loves me so very much she said that her heart is bursting with love for me. I am still a little scared of my new environment but at the same time my curious nature makes it all equally as exciting.
My new mumsy also got me a twitter @tulula6 but we have to share her Facebook page :D
I am happy once again and feel very safe.... ♥

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Avalons Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Welcome Bootiful Tulula ^..^ me soooo glad efurythin wurked owt so well fur you & you didn't haf to stay in da shelter fur long :)) and so Sorry you lost you mum,,, but happy you haz a really good mum now who luvz you wif All her heart :)))
You gonna like it here wif all your sisterz @ #TLOA
Purrz~ Ana