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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sophie Ann

Sophie Ann - joined January 2012
I'm a very loving calico, a little shy around people I don't know, but I'm very sweet once I'm comfortable around you. I love to curl up on my moms lap, eat treats, I especially love wet catfood and cheese. I live in the country and I love to hunt mice, voles, moles and lizards. I have a brother and sister, both dogs, and I have 17 other feathered siblings (chickens). I usually spend my days outside (which I prefer) but when it's cold or rainy I get to come inside. I used to be a stray without a home, but my mom rescued me and gave me somewhere safe to live.

Sophie can be found on Facebook as SophieAnn TheCalico.


  1. Aren't you just too cute !!! I have a long haired version of you named Meredith Ann.

  2. Well aren't you a Pretty little thing ^..^ mom thinkz you look furry kissable :)
    Welcome Sophie Ann :)
    Purrrz~ Ana

  3. Oh my dearest DARLING! Your face is a treasure. I long to give it kisses! #TLOA

    Mom Carole

  4. hello shopie ann, howD.. I'm puput from indonesia, I'm lonely gentle cat from persian himalayan, I just want to have friendships if u welcome, nice to see u shopie ann

  5. Oh I am looking again and drooling! Wish you were here.
    Mom Carole xoxoxo

  6. Hello, beautiful! You are so cute. My SS wants to kittynap you. So, good thing that you live the other side of the pond.


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