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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Jazz - joined January 2012
Hi Folks, I'm Jazz. I'm 16 years old and my new mummy has been looking after me for 2 years after my old mummy became ill and couldn't look after me. I have to have medication for my arthritis and slight kidney failure, and I live with three other felines. Boy I like it here as there is lots of space to roam if I feel like it and loads of beds in different places, one next to the radiator which is my favourite...oh and did I tell you I have my own room at night in case Mickey bashes hehe Mickey you don't have your own room....


  1. Hi Jazz, you look great for your age! Purrs!

  2. Welcome Bootiful Jazz ^..^ so glad you come to join us @ #TLOA :))
    Purrz~ Ana

  3. Lovely Jazz...
    I love cats too !
    Greetings from Paris,



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