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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Jazz - joined January 2012
Born on the 30th October 2003, I'm almost a Halloween cat, but as a Tortie that would have been inappropriate, and I was raised to be a lady. My first home was with a lovely older lady who treated me marvelously, while allowing me my personal space. We did not display our emotions in an untoward fashion, but enjoyed the comfort of knowing the other was there. When my lovely lady went over the Rainbow Bridge I was entreated to train two young furless the way to serve a cat. Unfortunately their continuous sneezing upset my nap patterns & I requested more equitable accommodations. The inadequacy of the biped nation was highlighted when they suggested I live in a concrete cage with a nasty grey little fluffy cat with sharing issues. The ignominy of ending up in this situation on my 8th birthday is a scar I will carry for life. Four weeks would pass before humum & dada staff would take me home. They made we wait two weeks after meeting me & accepting my love, so that I could move into an air conditioned abode. These people understand standards. They subject me to a pipsqueak calico called Captain Worm-Sparrow of all things, but I'll whip her into shape...... eventually. Anyway her silly antics, which are beneath me, cheers humum, which is often desperately needed.

Humum types collectively for myself & The worm on twitter. We love our anipals and were so excited to join the #wlf & get our beret. Finally The Ladies of Autumn is something I can have for myself, as The Worm is currently no lady!

The staff are slowly realizing my needs, I have a lovely new condo,with caves for me, separated from perches for The Worm, finally I am being fed real game, though they leave that dried stuff out too, just cause it says science. I like to sleep between humum & dadstaff with TheWorm banished, which dada staff prefers too. Once The Worm can be contained, cause she has no self-control, I'll be out on one of the three balconies sunning myself in time for winter. For now I shall enjoy the moderated in-door temps, soft furnishings & food, while tolerating the bipeds adoration.

I introduce myself to you - Jazz, Jazzmina, Jazzy, Pretty Girl


  1. Welcome Jazz.

    You share a birthday with our Daddy (Oct 30).

  2. OH JAZZ! What a beautiful LADY you are and how imperious...the way a #TLOA should be!!! YOu will be the purrfect ARE the purrfect addition to the household. Welcome beautiful lady.

  3. Oh what a Bootiful & Refined Lady ov Autumn you are ^..^
    Welcome :)
    Purrz~ Ana


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