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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ivy Delilah

Ivy Delilah - joined January 2012

I's Ivy Delilah and I just turned 5. I was abandoned by my furst family when they moved out, and the people who moved in found me wanted to leave me on the side of the road. Somebody was helping them move, and they said they knew the purrfect people fur me. Boy he had a right! I love my Mom and Dad, I's a lot of fun and I know I's Mom's favorite. I's chatty and playful.


  1. OMyCod!!Me and mom can't believe how cruel and heartless humanz are! Dat iz so Terrible,,,, :(( , but we soooooo glad someone had a heart and helped you find your furefer home :)))) and you haz such a Wonderful mom:))
    Welcome Sweet Ivy Delilah to #TLOA,
    Purrz & Kissez ~ Ana

  2. Thank Cat for the person who brought you to your Mom and Dad

  3. You are so pretty !!! I'm so glad you found your forever home. My Meredith Ann was found in the streets too. Went to two rescue groups before I saw her. She's just a bit spoiled now.

  4. So glad you are now in a loving forever home! Purrs!


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