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Friday, January 13, 2012


Belle - joined January 2012
Mom "rescued" me on 12/31/11.  Her daughter knew the daughter of my owner, who wants to get rid of her pets.  We lived in a house with 10 humans, including 2 babies, a dog and several cats who are neglected.  They don't get the cats spayed so they keep having kittens.  There is no love in this home for animals and no toys.  After Autumn died, Mom was allowed to bring one pet into her apartment.  Her daughter had told her how affectionate I am, so they came and got me.  I had fleas and worms, but was otherwise healthy, luckily. 

I now live in a home where there is love, and a houseful of toys!  Mom bought a new kitty condo after she brought me home.  Phoebe and I get along well and chase each other all over the apartment!  I love it here!

I almost forgot!  I'm a polydactyl!  I have 7 toes on each front paw.  Mom's not sure about my back paws cos I won't let her see them!


  1. Oh Belle, I'm so glad you got rescued. I have a cat, Riley, who has extra toes in the front, Mittens, and extra on the back paws. He can stand up like a Kangaroo. He's orange striped though but cute.

    Enjoy your new life !!!

  2. Oh Beautiful Belle, dat iz such a sad story my mom getting leaky eyez..... :(,,,, but she and me are smiling cauze you haz a Happy & Loving home now, we purray fur da rest ov da poor little souls dat "they want to GET RID of" to find a luving home :(((
    Purrz & Kissez to you Belle ^..^ & :)
    Puurz ~ Ana

  3. Oh pretty pretty Lady. Welcome gorgeous girl. You look so young and vital and just stunningly gorgeous. YOu are lucky to be in a home with love. I know you know that.

    Admiral's Mommy


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