Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Shelly - joined August 2011

This is Shelly...with only one 'e'. She is a rescue cat of approximately two years of age. When her mother moved into her apartment, Shelly would look down at her from the roof and meow.  She gradually trusted the human more and more and came down onto the balcony....then into the house.....and finally became an indoor only kitty.  Shelly loves being an indoor cat and not having to worry about fending for herself and having litters of kittens that end up homeless too! Shelly does not have a Twitter account but she is a keen Blogger.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Lily - joined August 2011

Lily is about a year old. She was found by her humans as a tiny feral kitten, starving to death with severe eye problems. A wonderful vet gave her a chance. She lost her right eye and although she still has her left eye, it is blind. Lily has respiratory problems all caused by FHV (Feline Herpes Virus). But she is a fighter and is the happiest little cat. She is also very clever. Sometimes people that visit don't believe she is blind watching her running around chasing the other two cats and climbing things! Lily doesn't know she is any different, she just knows she is a cat. Lily can be found on Twitter (@cooperscats).


Mezzy - joined August 2011
Mezzy is four years old and a very feisty lady. She rules the street in which she lives and also her humans! She may be a bruiser but she is also very loving and friendly. Mezzy enjoys the human lap and loves a tummy tickle. A lover of food, she will pretty much try to eat anything. She is also very clever and sadly an expert at catching birds. She has bought in a pigeon (alive and set free) and a jackdaw in the past! Mezzy is a member of the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF) and can be found on Twitter (@mezzymeddles).


Toulouse - joined August 2011
Toulouse is a dignified, mature lady at sixteen years of age. In her youth, she always loved to be outside catching mice and sometimes even a small bird. Nowadays she still ventures outside but only in fine weather. Toulouse currently enjoys taking naps, dozes and snoozes, leaving the exhausting tasks to the younger cats. Toulouse can be found on Twitter (@mmetoulouse).


Rosie - joined August 2011
Here is Rosie, a tortoiseshell cat with a fancy white stripe on her tail. She was found by a friend of her human in a car park at only eight weeks old. Her human's friend originally named her Phil (short for filthy). However, her new human intervened, thankfully, and called her Rosie as she is beautiful like a rose (we concur). Rosie can be found on Twitter (@RosieandCheeto).


Molly-MayB - joined August 2011
This is Molly-MayB who is adored by her human, Mrs Fru. Molly-MayB has not got her own Twitter account yet but we contact her through her human, Mrs Fru (@FruFruB). Mrs Fru prepares and serves delicious meals and snacks for the animals on Twitter.


Scout - joined August 2011
Scout is described as an 'all-around badass'. She can barely tolerate sharing space with her brother, Jem. Her motto would appear to be: 'I go where I want, when I want'. She has given some valuable advice and beauty tips via The Ladies Of Autumn hashtag (#TLOA). Scout is one of the founder members of the Ladies Of Autumn and a proud comrade in the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF).

(Her eyes are not usually that colour, there was a photoshopping incident apparently - Ed.)

1 Fine Kitty

1 Fine Kitty - joined August 2011
This is One Fine Kitty sunbathing. She is a two year old cat and her humans adopted her as a feral. Her adopted humans think she is one fine kitty...and you know, she reckons they are right! (And we concur). One Fine Kitty is one of the founder members of the Ladies Of Autumn. She is a pround member of the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF), a prolific tweeter and has many followers on Twitter (@1FineKitty).

Nike Purrfect Cat

Nike Purrfect Cat - joined August 2011
This is Nike Purrfect Cat named after the Winged Goddess of Victory not the leisure and sportswear manufacturer. She is a former semi-feral cat and is very grateful to her current humans for rescuing her. Her hobbies include: stalking, snoozing in the sun and snuggling. Nike is one of the founder members of the Ladies Of Autumn and a long-serving member of the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF). She can be found on Twitter (@NikePurrfectCat).

Admiral Hestorb

Admiral Hestorb - joined August 2011
Here is the dynamic Admiral Hestorb, her household name is Lady Bianca. She is thirteen years old and one hundred percent diva. She is one of the founder members of the Ladies Of Autumn and suggested the name for the group. The Admiral is a dedicated member of the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF). She is an avid social networker and can be found on Twitter (@AdmiralHestorb).

Introduction To The Ladies Of Autumn

The sun illuminates the colours of autumn
I first met Admiral Hestorb, a gorgeous tortoiseshell lady, on Twitter at the beginning of August 2011. We discussed the formation of a group of tortoiseshell cats, a subject she had considered with others before. The alliance would celebrate the beauty and elegance of tortoiseshell, calico and torbie cats. The Admiral and I were marvelling at the range and intensity of the tortoiseshell colours and she referred to all of us as 'ladies of autumn'. This pertinent description of our lovely coats provided the obvious name for our group. My next posts will consist of a photograph and description of each of the members of the Ladies Of Autumn (known on Twitter as #TLOA).

By Dr. Bess Watkins (30th August 2011)