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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ladies, it's Party Time!

Happy Birthday, Tammy & Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Ivy!

Today it is Tammy's birthday and, as you can see, she is poised and ready for one helluva party. She is a coiled feline spring about to go birthday crazy and leap into a vat of Schlitz...

Tammy is conserving her energy ready to par-tay like a wild cat!
It was also Ivy's Gotcha Day on 16th December and, sadly, none of us were in the frame of mind to commemorate this special occasion. However, I have been in touch with The Admiral via Twitter, she is full of Hubba Hubba Hubba Ding Dong Ding and thoroughly approves of The Ladies Of Autumn celebrations.

Ivy's knows she'll need her strength for later on the dancefloor


  1. Ivy darling...that's right. Regarding your sweet Gotcha Day...HUBBA HUBBA DING DONG DING!!!

    YOu look kissable and I hope your servants are seeing to it that you are kissed every day most of the day long. xoxoxoxoxox

    Mom Carole and---> (From OTRB---> Me too! Admiral)

  2. Mom says that might be the noise I make when I run up and down the stairs!!! I don't mind late wishes - I am happy to be gotted..even if I have to live with the Spud.


  3. Happy Birfday Tammy, wishing you many treatz and lotza luv ^..^

    And a furry special Gotcha day Ivy ditto da HUBBA HUBBA DING DONG DING !!! ^..^
    Purrz~ Ana


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