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Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Admiral Hestorb's Birthday!

Many Happy Returns, Dearest Lady Bianca

Here she is. The one. The only. The original Lady Of Autumn. 

It's been another hectic year for Admiral Hestorb. I gather she has spent a considerable amount of time supervising the outfitting of five squadrons of vessels used to escort ships across treacherous waters in what I would imagine was an extremely dangerous classified operation. She also got married on 29th October 2011 to her sweetheart, Nik. And when she is not on the high seas or in her love nest, Lady Bianca has been oozing autumnal charm all over Twitter and the World Wide Web via her many Blog concerns. She is one busy and beautiful lady. Everyone loves her. We hope you have a very happy birthday, Admiral Hestorb. May all your special birthday wishes come true (but no dedding of mousies today, don't want to spoil your appetite for your fancy Birthday tea, do you?).


  1. It is the 11th December here, honest. Watch out for random spillages, Lady Bianca!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Will pop over to her place to wish her. Purrs!

  3. Oh fanks you SO SO much for the birthday wishes and yes, it has been a very busy and eventful year for me. I am fourteen years old now and preparing for more adventure both on the high seas and in married life ( hee hee).

  4. Happy Birthday to the lovely Admiral!!!


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