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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fly Away Home, Admiral Hestorb

Admiral's Mom, Carole, wrote today:

'My little one flew away to the Rainbow Bridge today. We, her Doctor and I have worked very hard to enable her able to enjoy her life and all the love she has received and that she freely gave back, but she was tired and whispered it was time to go. She flew away and took my heart with her. I will always love her and I will always miss her. She was the most loving girl I could ever have been fortunate enough to have. We have just sailed that sea of grief and tears as far as we were able to go together. Thank you darling girl, for choosing me to take care of you and love you these fourteen years. To all of her friends, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring about my girl in the last stages of her illness. You have truly been a comfort. Much love to you all.'

Bess & Staff: *sobbing* We are so, so sorry. Our thoughts are with Lady Bianca's family and friends. She will be missed so much by all of us. She really was THE Lady of Autumn.


  1. Yes, Efuryone iz Brokenhearted today.
    She True Lady of Autumn~
    She stole efuryone'z Heart :)

    We wish Bright Light to Guide Her & Safe Journey ~
    Warm Hugs to hold mom Carol ~

    Farewell Beautiful Lady Bianca ~

  2. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Admiral could be an absolute twin for my Meredith Ann.

    JC ^,,^

  3. Nikita, Daddy Kiril, & I, send our condolences, to you at this very sad news.

  4. Much love to you for posting this. I am only now strong enough to see it again since she flew away..though I see her thru my tears as always.

    I so love all of you for this dear honor. Thank you. xoxox

    Mom Carole


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