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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Anyone fancy a tickle?

Beautiful Lady Of Autumn, Mezzy, hasn't got a Facebook account or Blog so she will probably never read this. I met her on Twitter, her user name is @mezzymeddles. She is an absolute darling. Definitely one of the friendliest, most enthusiastic and genuinely lovable characters I have had the pleasure to meet. She has been a great support to my emotionally labile typist. Just wanted to say, Mezzy, we love you.


  1. Awwwww What a Pretty Girl ^..^ :)

    Dear Bess my pee mail iz :

    Me hope there will be ofurz joining in too az autherz. Yes me Totally agreez,, you continue wif da New memberz. My Secretary iz not furry timely on thinz....::sigh:: me jus help along.... ^..^
    btw.... When doez Harvest Moon Complex open ???
    Purrz ~ Ana

  2. Thanks, Ana, you're an angel! We'll have to figure out the logistics of it all as we go along. As for the opening of Harvest Moon, I was looking at after Christmas. I need to gather photographs & suggestions. I will have time in the New Year to do this & a little write up. I was also hoping that MoMo might be about in January to lend her expertise! The Halloween party was such a great success.

  3. Dr Bess as you can see we up & Running.....
    waz jus wundering about Harvest Moon ... January iz good after efurythin settlez down ^..^ if you need any pics on da atrium & garden jus let me know... me take care of dat area ;) Purrz~ Ana

  4. Ohhh Pee esss ; Momo iz Furry Good & haz furry Good Ideaz ^..^ we good furiendz :)))


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