Friday, November 04, 2011


Zelda - joined November 2011
Okz,,uz nose my buddy Jane Tortie Calico,,, I donz habs a story like hers , but Iz was born inz a closet inz Begas wiff 5 udders,,,2 torties anz 2 tuxies anz 1 tom cat,,,,we were bornz onz May da 5th,,,did Iz tellz uz Iz was pretty wenz Iz waz born?,,, My mooma is a tuxie anz 2 ob my current family is also tuxies,,,ebery heard ob Mikey Tux Cat?,,,yup,,himz my brudder,,,,anyway,,da hoomans had da udder tortie adopted along wiff da tom cat tooz a gud family anz I remained wiff my mum anz siisy named Tiny anz Mikey,,,,,Mikey is a food hog,,,,,,wellz any way,,,I amz a lady anz love to be petted like all felines,,,,,* giggles *,,,,,I LUB DIS PLACE!!!!!,,,


Admiral Hestorb said...

Well, welcome and kisses and hugs to you, beautiful Lasy. xoxoxox

Random Felines said...

Welcome Zelda....