Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Marriage of Admiral Hestorb & Nikita

Admiral Hestorb and the love of her life, Nikita, were married on Saturday, 29th October 2011.

It is with great delight that I have been permitted the honour to announce the union of Lady Bianca & Nikita. They enjoyed an intimate and elegant ceremony and are now sharing the happy news with their loved ones. Congratulations to you both; two hearts beating together, stronger forever as one. Hugs and kisses from The Ladies.


Bess The Cat said...

Congratulations to you both. Ohhh...those paws entwined for eternity... *wipes a small tear away* gets me all emotional every time I look at it *Bess scurries away to compose herself*

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh Fanks you SO much Lady Bess. Weare so happy. I knew I met the one who would capture my heart when he showed me what a courtly gentleman he is and he has stayed that way. I am the lucky one here. xoxoxox

Thank you for the good wishes.