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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Ladies Of Autumn Cocktail Lounge

Harvest Moon refurbishment update:

The Ladies Of Autumn Cocktail Lounge, Harvest Moon, is currently undergoing major refurbishment. I had hoped to have our lounge open by now but the specifications have been altered several times to accommodate our needs. I wanted the finished result to be nothing less than perfect.

The cellar has been converted into a habitable space and this has been divided into several rooms to which I refer as Scout's Suites. Scout will be able to use these rooms for quiet reflection and to create her Blingees in peace. I will place a spittoon in a room without lampshades as requested and this will provide an area in which Scout can behave in an un-ladylike manner.

There are several intimate lounges on the top floor. Leaves Lounge is dedicated to Nike and has a Grecian theme. Fancy statues and so forth have been ordered. The Pussy Willow Lounge, named by Mitalee, provides a private area for couples. When designing this lounge, I considered the needs of newly-weds, particularly Admiral Hestorb and her husband, Nik.

I have also created an extension to the ground floor for Vanilla's Boudoir, a members-only facility in which our very supple Whitstable Cat showcases her bowl dancing prowess. On the second floor, I have crafted a large library and music room for those Ladies seeking culture and knowledge (Rossini & Lady Gaga on the juke box for MoMo).

I have to submit the planning application by 09:00 GMT Wednesday 23rd November, if anyone would like to suggest any changes or additions to our Harvest Moon Cocktail Lounge Complex, please let me know.


  1. Oh Bess, I waz so thrilled to hear da cocktail lounge being called "Harvest Moon" ^..^ ,,, while in da midst of refurbishmentz would it be possible to add a few suitez on da top floor for da ladiez whoze teleporterz are working incorrectly after a few cocktailz and not able to make it home ??? maybe wif an Atrium wif skylight at the center and having a pool wif relaxing waterfall and fresh green nip plantz and grass????? I don't mind doing a little garden area in Atrium...... or iz dat too much ???? jus a suggestion ^..^ Purrz ~ Ana

  2. These are all fantastic suggestions, Ana. The atrium complete with central skylight is inspired. Are you happy to tend to the garden or should we employ someone to tend to our Nip plants?

  3. Oh Bess I am furry Good Gardener and Floral Arranger ^..^ I will tend to da greenery. Except Holidayz & Weekendz....
    Purrz~ Ana

  4. Refurbishment update: there is going to be a grand ballroom situated on the third floor. Fully sprung, polished oak floor with sumptuous decoration. This will be the Scylla & Charybdis Ballroom. It will be a beautiful room. We will have a lovely plaque on the wall to celebrate the life of Charybdis and the huge impact she had during the all too brief time she was here.

  5. Oh Nik and I are just so grateful to be considered in such a way. Kisses from us both and our deepest thanks.

  6. I am going to try extra furry hard to be here as I want to enjoy all of this. I have brothers coming in and staying I hope to get away.

  7. Mommy is speechless. What lavishness. (thanks fur the speechless part)

  8. I'm meeting with the architect later as I reckon the layout needs a re-think. I may need an additional extension to accommodate extra guest suites and a beauty parlor. Please keep your suggestions coming as the plans will not be finalised by the deadline. Please suggest names for the proposed facilities too. To date the Harvest Moon Complex comprises:

    The Scylla & Charybdis Ballroom
    Scout's Cellar Suites
    Nike's Grecian Leaves Lounge
    The intimate Pussy Willow Lounge
    Vanilla's Boudoir
    Bess's Brewery, Distillery and informal Bar

    And requiring names:

    The top floor atrium and garden
    Jazz Club
    Fine Dining Restaurant
    Library & music room
    Guest suites
    Beauty Parlor
    Cocktail Lounge

  9. Oh it all sounds so grande! And exciting !! I will put on my thinking cap for possible names for all the glorious additions but as you may or may not have heard , we have two new babies in the house.Twin kittens! And they are making it VERY difficult to sleep let alone THINK! What was LP thinking?!!

    Mitalee xo

  10. Not sure why my comments are not coming through. I have tried twice.

  11. Me haz suggestion fur Atrium & Garden...... da mom sayz me can use da Avalon's Atrium & Garden cauze me iz an Avalon's Garden Cat ..... or we could use Harvest Moon Garden & Atrium .... or me thinking......
    me haz picturez of Atrium if you wanna see , But My Secretary lost!! your pee mail address ^..^


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