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Friday, November 04, 2011


Kalimah - joined November 2011
Tasha writes: this is Kalimah Anukusunamun Thurston. She's 6 years young and she adopted me & her daddy in 2008. She used to live in a free roaming cat colony at a local shelter. Her favorite foods are roasted chicken, white tuna, and ham. Due to an unknown food allergy, Evian water seems to be the only thing that clears up her lip sores. She hasn't had an occurrence in 3 years since she started drinking Evian water. Kalimah knows 5 commands: sit, stay, lay down, up and come. She's addicted to getting brushed and loves to go on walks, but I have a stroller for her so that she can attend picnics, outdoor concerts and the farmers market with us. She's the apple of her daddy's eyes. He calls her furface. When Kalimah came into our lives, we didn't just save a life... she gave us one. We're truly blessed.


  1. A truly beautiful baby and I would love to hold and give her kisses. (that was from my mommy typist).

  2. Lady Bianca, I met the gorgeous Kalimah and her lovely Staff, Tasha, on Facebook. I don't think she has a Blog but I can ask. Much love to you and your handsome, new husband, Bess.

  3. Sorry my comment reads as if you've married me rather than Nik. Ooops!

  4. Welcome Kalimah...sounds like you have found a wonderful family!!!


  5. What a doll !!
    Weird about her lips though.
    Did she mew loudly at the concerts?

  6. Aww, what a heart-warming post. What a pretty girl too.

  7. Are you sure your name isn't Queen Kalimah "cause it sounds like you have the hoomans very well trained and staffed.I mean, your own personal carriage? You are at the very least a little princess! :)
    Welcome little princess.
    Mitalee xo


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