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Friday, November 04, 2011


Jane - joined November 2011
Okz,,,Imz not sure wen I waz born but da hooman fink Imz round 2 1/2,,,wen I waz almus 1, I waz abandoned wiff another cat anz we didnt habs a home for a few weeks anz den we saw our current hoomans come home one day anz we decided dat we needed to adopt them,,,MOL. So da other cat is a tuxie anz we fight constantly,,,she thinks she better denz me. da hoomans took us to get fixed after somebody got knocked up,,,,* points paw at tuxie * anz all waz fine until one day wenz da hoomans went off tooz work I sleeped out da front door anz played all day in da yard anz round 4ish dats wenz da twouble started wiff dis microwave dog anz his buddy attacked me,,I was jus minding my own bizznez,,,,da hoomans came home anz found meez onz da back patio all bloody anz cut up anz denz dey took meez tooz da animal dr anz Iz habs tooz stay ober nite getting stitch's anz wearing da cone ob shame-NOT FUNNY,,MOL,,,I had da tip ob my rite ear remobed cuz ob demz stoopid dawgs,,,I had a couple stitch's above my rite eye,,,,one ob my rite claws ripped out,,,I hope it got stuck inz dat stoopid dawgs head,,,I fought da good fight but dere was 2 ob dem stoopid dawgs,,,well anywayz,,,da dr presented da bill too da hoomans anz I taut da animal was gonna need stitch's affer da hooman dad saw da bill,,,,,$900 anz change,,,WOW,,,

so inz da summer we mobed to a new howse anz allz was fine until one nite I decided to escape thru da front door anz explore round da hood,,,,da hoomans came outz looking for meez but I hid real good anz before I knew it it was da next day anz I habnt eating since da day before but I still hid real good while da hoomans were searching for meez,,,,da hoomans looked all round da neighborhood calling my name but I wouldnt gibs up my secret hiding place,,so 4 days went anz I didnt budge,,,,finally onz da 5th day I had enuff ob dis secret hidding place anz decided to be found,,,,now da funny ting is dat da hoomans had been searching for meez all throughoutz da neighborhood anz inz da back alleys anz called da animal hospitals anz animal control, but little did they know dat I was inz da next door neighbor's garage,,,,yes, I finally got tired ob playing hide inz seek inz my secret hide out anz decided dat I needed food anz water so I started clawing at da window wen i saw da hooman mom sitting onz da front porch anz she came running ober to da garage door wiff da owner anz denz da door opened anz I jumped inz her arms anz she took meez inz da howse where I gobbled upz da food cuz I had lost 4 lbs since,,,,anz denz I seenz my buddy,,,da hooman dad,,,himz my buddy since he took me inz ober 2 yrs ago,,,,he started tooz rub meez all ober laffing seyin how much he missed meez anz nebber do dat aginz,,,I swore tooz himz dat Iz wood nebber do dat aginz,,,so Imz back wiff da hoomans anz da 4 udder cats anz feeling much bedder anz oh yea,,,,I HATE GARAGES!


  1. YOU MUST stay in your HOME! Don'T DO that any more! YOu are too special and beautiful and you need to stay safe and at home forever more!!!

  2. Welcome Jane. And I agree - time to stay inside and avoid more trouble. :)



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