Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ali Zophia

Ali Zophia - joined November 2011
Hello! I am a diluted Tortie, Ali Zophia is my name, but they call me AZ or Z or Zkhat.  I guess that is OK but I prefer my whole name.
I came here about four years ago, and this is my third family.  It was hard to get used to changing again but my new Mom was patient and we get along fine now.  The one thing I have never cared for is a dog and we have a Lab/Border Collie here named Stella.  She is just too exhuberant for me!  But I am not so scared of her anymore.  I am faster and smarter than she is!
Here is a picture of me playing Slinky on the stairs which is my favorite exercise.  I am an indoor cat, so I have to make my own activities.
I don't have a blog of my own, but I can use Stella's when I want to.
Thank you and meow, meow,
Ali Zophia Tortie


Bess The Cat said...

Dear Ali Zophia,

We are delighted that you applied to join The Ladies Of Autumn. We promise to honour and protect you for all eternity, Sister Ali Zophia.

With best wishes,

Bess (on behalf of The Ladies Of Autumn).

Random Felines said...

Welcome Ali Zophia....we are glad you found your forever home - even if it took a while!!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Welcome beautiful Lady. Welcome to TLOA. Where you are appreciated and loved.

MoMo said...

Welcome, beautiful Ali Zophia! So happy you have finally found your home.

JC said...

I saw your blog and just had to join.