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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Willow - joined October 2011
I was named Willow from Purrfect Companions the rescue organization I came from. I will just turn 8 years old on October 31st 2011 and it is appropriate as I have a mask that makes the purrfect costume for Halloween as dressing up is not my thing.

I take a lot of time taking care of Mom as she is busy as it makes me purry happy to take care of Mom and groom her. I have a blog at:, which needs Mom love when she is less busy. I love to groom, groom as it is the best to keep everything tidy. Rumbly Purrs, Willow.


  1. We are delighted to welcome you to The Ladies Of Autumn. Sister Willow, we promise to honour and protect you for all eternity.

  2. Hi Willow, your furs are purrfect for Halloween. Welcome to TLOA. ~Scylla

  3. Welcome, Willow! What lovely furs your have! Do come to our Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein.


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