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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Truffles - joined October 2011

Stephanie writes: Truffles has an interesting story. I had to put down my beloved Sassy Torti Taran in 2009. Taran was owned by the Prime Minister of the Bahamas daughter who was going to Boston College. Taran was ROYALTY. LOL. The daughter graduated and like many stupid college students they leave behind their animals. Long story short Taran was dumped in the Cat Hospital I worked at in 1995. After poor Taran was transported to the Bahamas twice and no one claimed her she was brought to the MSPCA,they contacted us our vets name was on her health cert. I had to post ads in the Boston papers seeing if anyone was going to claim her. No one came forward I went to court to legally adopt her. She lived with us for 14 years. I was destroyed over her dying. I went on Craigslist looking to adopt an adult torti in Sept 2010 After months of nothing I found SHEBA. Her tag was I Have A Big Heart. I got her and she was in the worst shape.
She wouldn't allow us to touch her for days. She walked with a terrible limp in her front shoulder. When she allowed us to touch her just her head, I noticed she was completely matted on her left side, she was a short hair cat. I also discovered she had a giant dead tick embedded in her cheek. I took her to the vet.
#The vet discovered she was declawed. Also she had a shoulder injury that was never addressed and it healed improperly causing her this terrible limp. So we accepted she was not a lovey dove girl and we set her up like a Queen Torti on a pillow in front of our heating panel under the rocking chair for her privacy. One morning I awoke to find her sprawled on the kitchen floor in her urine and blood was coming from her nose. Rushed her to the vet she developed uri and that weakened her system and blood work showed cancer. I ended up having to say good bye to that torti girl only after 3 months. Again I was destroyed. I had given up looking for a torti. I only like torti girls I won't own any other girl cat but a torti all my cats are boys. I met a lady on FB who had a beauty of a torti. She and I became friends. One day she sent me a link to a shelter in North Carolina, a 6 month old torti on DEATH ROW! I thought that's too bad what can I do I'm in Boston. She told me about these amazing people who transport animals across the country. I called the shelter spoke to the lady in charge of out of state adoptions.
She told me there was a transport leaving in 48 hours. But she could not let the kitten go without being spayed. There was no time you see. I promised to send her proof of spay with a generous donation on top of all the shelter fees. I was a vet tech for 10 years in Boston. I am very allergic to cats and towards the end I had to move from the treatment room to the office where I did behavior consults. So with all that she agreed to ship Truffles.
She left North Carolina at 5am on a Friday and arrived hours later in CT where another amazing person brought her down to Boston. When I met Truffs she was in the arms of the transporter licking this ladies face purring kneading and not phased at all by her journey. She made not a peep on our way home.
I let her out she went straight to the litter box, then ate for 20 min. She explored and she wasn't frightened at all of my 3 huge males. In fact it was hours later that her and my MEANIE Meatball were sleeping together on the comfy chair. I kid you not she knew her name within hours and she declared herself QUEEN TRUFFLES THE MUSHROOM PIXIE!!!!


  1. What a wonderful story! Welcome, lovely Truffles!

  2. Truffles, we love you and your fancy moustache. Thank goodness for humans like your Stephanie. You & Stephanie are lucky ladies to have one another as you are so obviously in love!

  3. aw truffles


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