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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Tammy - joined October 2011

Hi Bess! I would be proud to be a member of TLOA. My gotcha date is 10/23/95, birthday estimated 1/1/95. My mom brought me in when I came to her door and asked if she had room for one more kitty. I am a southern lady (Dallas, TX, USA) even though I now live in the West (Tucson,AZ,USA). I live with my mother and father, a brofur and sisfur. I enjoy my family, my flower garden, and my lovely tiger bed! Of course I will abide by the Code of Honor of the TLOA!


  1. Tammy, it's lovely to finally see you in The Ladies Of Autumn as I have been secretly admiring you on Twitter for what seems like ages!

  2. Oh are stunning! xoxoxox

  3. Hi Tammy! What a beautiful girl you are!


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