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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Piewhackits - joined October 2011
There are seven Kwee Cats. Each of us were homeless strays that got adopted in as family by our Mumsy when we visited her and wanted to stay. Piewhackits is one of the youngest. Pungy was supposed to be the fourth, and last, indoor kitty to move in. Mumsy still feeds and does what she can for the feral outdoor cats. Pungy was pregnant and Mumsy could not bear to have her babies aborted, so when they were born, they were born here into our home. Pungy's three babies are Sneaky Pie, Odysseus, and Piewhackits. Piewhackits gets called "Pie-pie" a lot by Mumsy and she likes to lick while she's petted, and is very frisky.  (Mumsy just loves all her kitty pies!)

Thank you, again, so much. And we want to be sure and thank sweet MoMo. She's just the best ever. Piewhackits loves attention, and this is the first club she's gotten to join, so she's especially excited!
For more information & fantastic photographs of Miss Duchess, Piewhackits & the rest of the Kwee Cat Crowd, check out:


  1. Mieow, Pie-pie! Welcome to the alliance. You look so pretty and playful there.

  2. Mieow! To evfurryone! I'm so happy! I'm doing somersaults only on account I don't know how to do backflips! I'm so delighted to be a Lady of Autumn :-) Gosh there are so many pretty kittyladies here! Thank you so much Miss Bess you be just wonderfuls and biggie thank you to Miss MoMo too for sharing this and helping us. I'm so excited, I don't know what to do with myself!


  3. Welcome Pie -Pie. LOVE that name. xoxoxoxo

  4. Getting ready for the party and wanting to know if there is anything that you need? This is going to be fun!!

  5. Helloooo, Miss Pie-Pie! You are furry byootiful, just like all the ladycats heer. I am hoping to join the groop, only I am orange, not a torbie or tortie or calico. Do you fink they will let me in?


  6. Hi Kwee Cats!
    How great to have you all as part of the illustrious Ladies of Autumn... welcome!

  7. Hi Jazzy,

    I responded to the message you sent on Facebook yesterday. Check it out, orange and black lady!



  8. There once was a cat named Piewhackits

    Who preferred his cat food in packets

    The dinner bell rang

    With a cling and a clang

    [And the last line of this poem's in brackets]


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