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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Piewhackits Sleepy Blingee

the ladies of autumn pictures


  1. Shhhhh, don't wake the little one! Continue your dream of dolphins and sea waves.

  2. Aweeeeeee, so cute! Rest up as party time is soon here! I sent over some treats to eat. Hope you like them. I delievered them to Momo and I am thinking she will see that you get them.

  3. Eeeeeeee! I so excitered! Thank you, MoMo, I has a good naps now I ready fur tricks and treats! Thank you, Gracie! You dis wonderfuls. I know they gonna be super treats! This is my first Halloween party, and I so excited. All us Kwee Cats are ready to go, thanks to sweet MoMo =^~^=

    Wuzes to all wif bigge kitty kisses to MoMo and Gracie,
    From Piewhackits


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Colorful Calicoes Scylla & Chimera

Scylla is in the top two pictures and Chimera is in the side and bottom pictures.