Monday, October 03, 2011


Nutmeg - joined October 2011
Hi Guys! Bess has suggested I seek your expert opinions! I didn't know what a Torbie was, so I Googled it... I think Nutmeg might be a Torbie, what do you think? She's a tricolour, red, peach and black. She was picked up from rubbish bins by the side of the road in Elche, Spain, in September 2004. She is very cuddly and talkative; she's certainly not afraid to ask for what she wants! Do you think she qualifies as a TLOA? 

We do!


Bess The Cat said...

Ahhh! She's gorgeous, autumnal and she has the infamous tortie-tude! As far as I'm concerned, she is a Lady Of Autumn.

P. Treasure said...

I agree!

Avalon's Garden and The Garden Cottage Cats said...

We are like the many different leaves of da same tree, each one Bootiful in her own right ^..^
Me say "Welcome" to Pretty Miss Nutmeg ~
Purrz~ Ana

Bess The Cat said...

Ana, that's an enchanting comment, we are indeed all leaves from the same tree...And Nutmeg is a lovely little leaf lady X