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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Mitalee - joined October 2011
My name is Mitalee (mee-ta-lee) and I am one of the critters from the blog, the critters in The Cottage.My name means, friend. I am a brown patched tabby which is fancy for torbie and I would very much like to be part of The Ladies of Autumn.I have curly furs that have browns and rusts in them and that are very autumnal in their hues. I am a gentlecat with good manners.But I am also a very good hunter and love to share my spoils.Since I am exclusively an indoor cat my spoils mostly include stuffed mice and miscellaneous bugs that stray indoors.Please consider me for your alliance as I believe I will be an asset to your group.
P.S. I am a good cook.


  1. Dear Mitalee,

    We are delighted that you are now a member of The Ladies Of Autumn, Sister Mitalee. We, The Ladies Of Autumn, promise to honour and protect you for all eternity.

    Best wishes,

    Bess (on behalf of The Ladies Of Autumn)

  2. YOur face is PRECIOUS!!! xoxoxoxox

  3. Welcome, gentle Mitalee! You would be a asset to any group, beautiful girl.


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