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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein

Welcome to our Halloween party at the Castle Felinestein! On paw to welcome you are Bess and Scout, both founding member of The Ladies of Autumn.

You’ve all come a long way and we hope with not too much mishaps as we have received messages from some kitties who were detained at some disruptable place.....

Olive: Are we there yet?
Gracie: I can't see a thing in this light.
Opus: I think we have blown something.

Hope they make it safely here. We have heard a thing or two about that Bates Motel.

Now we all know none of you are fraiddy cats but given the reputation of the castle it’s best that you follow some instructions not to get lost.

Firstly, there is no electric power this neck of the woods, but we are kitties and we can all see in the dark, right?
Secondly, there are quite a few reports of haunting over the centuries, of mieowings and purrings where there were no kitties, of rubbing of crinkly paper when no one was around, whistling when there was no wind etc.
Thirdly, this is a big place and parts of it are not in good repair. There are staircases that fall away and doors that open to rooms with no floors. Please all follow the path lit by the kitty pumpkins and not to deviate.

Do not, and I repeat, do not get distracted by indistinct flares or torches. If you think you are being watched, you probably are...

Is that you, Mica Minnie Moo? Uh oh, now you see her, now you don't.

Let's proceed! Follow the kitty pumpkins!! Head down the cloisters ….

Out to the fields, Bess has sussed it out, so it's alright to proceed.....

And to the cemetery yard where MoMo will be serving you the first course, her celebrated dish of Gnat Broth….

Bubble, bubble,
Double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble,
Come and get your broth, pronto!

I hope you have enjoyed your broth and feeling warmer and braver. Do you want to know the ingredients? Let’s see, gnats, snake gall, bat wings, chicken feet, toad tongues, lizard eyes… Perhaps you should ask her for the detailed recipe later.

What’s that noise? Anyone hear that scream? Or was that only an owl screech? Let’s go inside and continue the party. A storm is brewing.

Remember to follow the kitty pumpkins! Through the door …

and up the stone staircase…

Do not mieow at the stone gorgoyles, they may answer back or come alive. Just keep on going.....

Now, what? The instruction says we are to go to the north tower. Follow the kitty pumpkins…

What do you say? Shall we enter? Do I hear a consensus 'yes'?
::3 paw taps::

Welcome, efurryone!!!! Glad you made it here safely. Let me introduce Admiral Hestorb (curled up on the floor), Scout (by the fire place) whom you have already met and One Fine Kitty (up on the top of the book shelf).
Make yourselves comfortable, grab a cushion, pick a party hat and relax….

Light the fire and let the food and drinks be served….

Still hungry? More substantial fare to come...

Uh oh, the pawparazzi is here. Oh well, every celebrity party has them. Nice poses now, kitties!

First, the hostesses, Admiral Hestorb...



Next we present the members (in bold) and the guests with their families or singly,
The furries AFSS, Artemisia (aka Arty Mouse, aka The Butt), Socks, Scylla, and Fenris...

The family of furries from Friends Forever

Allie as the Devil, Cliff as the Fairy, Tamir as a Fireman, Ellie, the Princess, Cubby as a brave soldier and forever in our hearts, Angel Sniffie..

Next to come are the Kwee kitties...

Domino, Pungy, Odysseus sitting on the fence and Oliver looking out from the window...

Miss Duchess, Sneaky Pie and Piewhackits..

Followed by those from Twinkletoes Tails,
The beautiful white Witch Julie, Cowboy Karl and Pirate Oui Oui...

Their sister Mica Minnie Moo declines to be photographed and is in hiding, looking down from the attic room that you saw earlier.

Clementine, Ben, Samantha and cousin Lester ......

Chef Moosey and Master Sammy....

Miss Gemini, Cheysuli's sister...

Gracie!!! Good to see that you made it here on time. Hope the car is OK for the return journey.

Another Lady Gracie...

The lovely Jelly Bean and her brother floofy Armani in a bandana....

The flamboyant duo, Ruis and Karl

The floofy Zoey as the Super Mouse...

Vanilla the pretty witch...

Cloon and the lovely Neytiri....

Odin and Gris Gris...

Alfie and Milo, the gardening kitties....

The Furry Bambinos - Angel Cookie, Angel Sky, Bat Cat Sunny, Clown Panda Bear, Dracucat Padre, Pumpkin Lady Caramel, Witch Meerkat...

The Critters - Devil Duffy, Witch Esme, Princess Issa, pirate Leo, Crazy Pumpkin Lady Mitelee, Sleeping Beauty Tulip....

Bringing up the rear is cute Truffle, the youngest of our guests...

It's cold, windy and stormy out. Please feel free to take your cushion and join MoMo in the Turret Room for the night...

We also have a premiere showing of 'Cats - Night of Terror' featuring Skylar Fruffybottoms (see promotion poster below), with guest appearances by Bess and Vanilla. Bet you didn't know we have such diverse talents in our alliance.....

When you are ready to go, please pick a bag or carry basket, fill it up with the little gifts and don’t forget the chocolates and treat jars for your moms.......

How do you get home? I hear somecat asks. The way you came, of course.
If you really can’t find your way back, go and find Cheysuli...

She is an expert on getting lost - she has been doing it every Friday for years. She has plenty of contacts to help you get home. No, Castle Felinestein is not on any map or GPS.

Thankyou all for coming and celebrating Halloween with us. Have a safe journey home!


  1. Welcome to TLOA first party, efurryone! Hope you haven't been too scared. Have fun and stay awhile!!

  2. This is a grrrrreat party! Thanks for inviting me. I love all of your costumes! Gracie

  3. Wheeee! And Boooooooooo! This is the best party ever! We are so excited and so tickled to be here. We could not have made it without MoMo's help, thank you so much. This has the best hostesses, foods, treats, comfy things, and even movie. We so excited and pleased to see so many of our friends too, get to know some others better, and make some new ones! Gosh, evfurryone's costumes all look so good.

    Happy Halloween Evfurryone!!!

  4. Goodness me. That party sent shivers of ecstasy and excitement down my spine. What a fantastic and chilling Halloween experience! I would just say a huge thank you to MoMo and her Staff for sourcing and preparing the location; dealing with the caterers; managing ongoing public relations work on behalf of The Ladies Of Autumn; co-ordinating the press and photography in conjunction with Admiral Hestorb; and making that fine broth. Yum.

    I would also like to mention all the animals photographed actually wearing special Halloween outfits. My Staff thinks the pictures are hilarious but I feel your pain. I was subjected to a similar, demeaning ordeal last week.

    Finally, to those of you brave enough to even consider watching 'Cats - Night of Terror' despite the terrifying depiction of Skylar Fruffybottoms featured on the front cover, a word of warning. You may not be aware of the film's plot: two portly, broke, over-the-hill torties stripping to make ends meet (Vanilla & my good self). She is bowldancing and I am lapsitting. It is truly terrifying, not for the faint-hearted and I, for one, would not watch it on a full stomach.

    Much love and glowing pumpkins, Bess X

  5. This is a marvelous party. Everyone looks pawsome, the food is delicious and we are pleasantly scared by the purrfectly creepy surroundings.

  6. We thinks of we snuggle really close to Fenris we might be brave enough to watch Cats - Night of Terror!

  7. That movie is scary ++. I am only watching it with only one eye. Less scary that way!

  8. What a party, I wasn't sure I was going to make it through all those tunnels and stairs. My eyes are not the greatest in the dark, but boy, am I glad I made the trip! Yummy ham and sausages and finger cookies!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Wow, MoMo! You did an excellent job, what a party! We were really scared walking through the mansion, we are such scaredy cats you know. But the food and company are great. The mom will probably worry when we don't come home until really late, cause we are going nowhere soon. Now, let's party!

  10. I am concerned. *Bess takes a large, warming gulp of gnat broth*. I have just been up the spiral staircase to The Dark Towers Cinema and seen a few of you watching 'Cats - Night of Terror'. I have tried to warn you. Once you have seen Vanilla's rotund tortie form writhing and gyrating, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK! I am especially worried that young, innocent-looking party goers (for example, the lovely Mr Pip) may accidentally be exposed to a disturbing scene that will be etched in their consciousness for all eternity...

  11. WHAAAAAAAAAA!!! ::hide under chair with face buried in paws::

    Scary movie! Where is my mom?

  12. Whoa...that was scary...following the haunted pumpkins and all that, but finding all our furriends in the party hall was worth it!

    ::cautiously takes a tast of gnat broth::

    What a fun party. Cecilia says she wants to join the club. The costumes are wonderful! Let's dance.

    Cory and family

  13. Hey, Scylla, take it easy with those cocktails!

  14. Cecilia can send an application to Bess after the party. Needs a pretty photo and a short story to go with it.

  15. Sorry that Opus, Olive, and I were a little late in getting here but we had a little bit of van problems. I must say this has been quiet the scary day. I don't know if your castle is more scary than the Bates Motel.
    Love all the party treats and so great to see all of our friends, though with the costumes it was hard to know how was who at times. Thanks for hosting this wonderful event!

  16. Happy Halloween, everybuddy! This is such a great party, and we are really honored to be here! We're excited to see so many of our friends, too.

    MoMo, that gnat broth was out of this world!

    We're going to go mingle. Thank you for including us, Ladies!

  17. What an amazing party Ladies! We ate too much, and danced too much and had wayyyy too much fun! Mitalee also drank a bit too much of the knat's broth and it went right to her head but in a crazy pumpkin good way it would seem...
    The costumes were pawsome and it was great to meet so many new friends!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  18. happy halloween beautiful ladies!! what a scurry mansion!

  19. Wow, one spooky castle to have a party. What fun.

  20. Wow, this is quite the party! Well done! Can two tabby mancats drop by too?

    Happy Halloween!

  21. My what an excellent party that was. And I managed to get everyone pointed in the right direction for once! Imagine my thrill at having that role!

  22. What a great party! We were scared at first. Thanks for inviting us and sorry mom could not have time to be more creative on pics of all of us. :-( Everyone looks great in their outfits.
    Happy Meow-lo-ween all!

  23. What a Par-Tay! We are having the best time EFER! This is SO Skeery! Thanks for inviting us! The food and goodies are wonderful!

    Luf, Us

  24. WOW!!!! whatta marvy party!! thanks so much for inbiting us, errr, *inviting us. you haf a furry nifty castle an' grounds here, an' you are the most gracious hostesses! we haf ate ourselfs full, enjoyed seein' alla the costumes, an' been thoroughly ascairt several times--we's gonna go nap now until the sticky little people start ringin' the doorbell! thanks again!

  25. What an excellent castle. Ivy is on her way over for the party - no costume though...she is coming as her cranky princess self!!

  26. What a wonderful party! I'm so glad Mom Paula let me come for a little bit. She said I couldn't stay out too late because I'm still a baby. I don't know who she is calling a baby!!!


  27. While I was unable to make an official appearance due to the fact the Prime Minister di dnot want to go out in the cold to find internet service, I did teleport over briefly and found the arrangements magnificent. I may have to hire MoMo to assist with royal events. I hope everyone had a good time.

  28. What a fun party!! We're so glad we followed the kitty pumpkins and found it!! Happy Halloween!!!

  29. Just caught the movie here in CDT. I won't be sleeping through the night for awhile.

  30. I hope we iz not too late to celly brave Halloween with ya. We should be able to stay the night as the beans will be gone to concert tonight. They will never miss us!!

    Alexi and the castle cats

  31. What a great party and house. It is a little scary but so pretty. \


  32. What a great pawty, girls! It's so cool to see everyone all dressed up and the castle is outstanding! Thanks so much for inviting me, I'm having a really great time and MoMo, I'll be in the turret room with my hot chocolate, a stash of those finger cookies and warming myself by the fire.

    Happy Halloween, ladies of Autumn. I'd say your pawty is a success!

    (I have to remember the treats for Julie)

  33. Hi MoMo do you wanna do the Monster Mash with me? ~Socks

    I don't think I can eat or drink another thing. I is taking a nap. ~Scylla

    Er excuse me. Is it OK for Arty to be swinging from those chandlers like that? I know she is a little thing but still I worries they might fall down with her. ~Fenris

  34. Wow!! This is the best Halloween Party we have ever been, too!! We are having lots of fun and the food is A+!! Hi everyone!! It is so nice to see you all and we have met some wonderful new furiends!!
    Howdy from your TX, MA & Canadian furiends,

  35. OH my cat, what a great pawty! It's the best one we've efur been to! We sampled many good foods and enjoyed the movie. Thanks fur inviting us! xoxo

  36. Ohhh my... we are having so much fun here!!
    Now that is... Karl was a little scared while we walked through the castle and following the pumpkins. And i had to hold his paw on the long stone staircases... ;-)
    But when we finally arrived and saw all our friends and new friends in the most wonderful costumes, all that delicious food, the drinks, it felt like coming home...
    You girls did a marvelous job to organizing this Halloween party!!! Thank you!!!!!

    Now we're going to watch the scary movie! "Come'n Karl i'll hold your paw..."

  37. Wow~ Dis is da bestest Halloween party EVAH! Fank yoo for inviting me! Happy Halloween!

  38. Is everyone having a good time?

  39. This is a fantastic party with so much good food. You went and did so much it will be so much fun to be a member of The Ladies of Autumn.

  40. Thankyou all so much for coming and helping us to celebrate. Please stay and make yourself at home.

    Dancing is on at the hall. Bess is still on paw to mix her special niptinis and tunacoladas.

  41. This was the BEST party ever! Have a spooktacular Halloween. We're going visit some of our friends and some new ones we haven't met yet.

  42. What a fabulous pawty!
    This is the greatest.
    Happy Halloween.

  43. We had so much fun - this has been the best Halloween Pawty ever! Hugs to all. Whooooooooo #wlf Mr Tibbs & Wolfie

  44. OH Thank you for this fabulous pawty! Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to be a Hostess and helping serve our #TLOA beautiful Ladies. Everyone's costumes were spectacular..I enjoyed meeting everyone and all the members and their furiends; and oh! What nommy treats for us and for us to take home to our mommy's. FANK you for all of your work, all who helped to make this a wonderful TLOA success.

    LONG LIVE #TLOA!!! Torties Rule! XOXOXOXOX

  45. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!What an amazing place and what a super Halloween party!!!!!!!! We love the Castle and all the noms :) Thank you for inviting us and giving us a spooktacular time too!!!!!!
    Happy Halloween !!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  46. Alright! Where are those four scallywags of mine? They should have been home HOURS ago! I just know they saw me coming and ran under a bed.

    The Mom

  47. What a fantastic party! And Castle Felinestein is amazing! Everything for the guests had been thought of. I'm quite jealous I'm not a cat and couldn't attend!

  48. That sure was a great pawty, Scylla and I had a terrific time!

  49. What an awesome party! You girls are the BEST hostesses!

  50. This was soooo fun! I'm so glad we came!

    Happy Halloween!

    Lucy, Simba & Annie

  51. Wow Ladies, what a party! You all did an amazing job with everything! We were glad to come by and celebrate. Great pictures everyone. Happy Halloween to all the Ladies of Autumn!

  52. This is the best Halloween party ever! The food and drinks are fantastic and it is wonderful to see all the costumes.

    Herman and Emma

  53. Thanks, efurryone, for coming and making the party a success. Hope you have enjoyed TLOA first party and do come back for future social events. If you are a tortie, torbie or calico ladycat, please consider joining us.

  54. WOW! we was a bit scared walking thru the dark and spooky hallways but the fantastic furriends and fun make it a wonderful paw-tay! We enjoyed snuggling with efurrybuddy last night. Fanks so much for inviting us to the paw tay.

    Have a Blessed All Saints, efurrybuddy!

  55. Boooohooooohooooooo
    I can't believe I missed this most spooktacoolaw, gowgeous pawty. Momo sissie, this moving stuff is diswupting my life. I feel sad.but I'm so glad to see you hosting such a faboolous halloween pawty.
    The guest wewe bootiful and the food and dwinkies looked mawvelous and that castle, oh my
    Happy Halloween to all of you
    smoochie kisses


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