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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Cookie - joined October 2011
Cookie is one of the three female members of The Furry Bambinos wishing to apply for acceptance into your esteemed society.

Cookie is a torbie with an orange flame mark on her forehead.  For a while that was the only way to tell Cookie and Meerkat apart.  Since then, Cookie has grown into a lovely Plus Size kitteh, whereas Meerkat has a thinner build.  Cookie is known as The Greeter Cat among The Furry Bambinos, as she likes to welcome visitors to our home. (Most of the rest of us flee when we hear the doorbell.) Cookie loves to sit on Daddy's lap.


  1. Welcome loves that spot on your forehead (and I am a plus sized girl myself).


  2. Hello Cookie,

    You are a pretty lady, I empathise with you as I have been described by my vet as 'solid'.

    Love Bess

  3. Hi Cookie!! I have a flame mark on my forehead too - a big one, not dainty like yours.

    Welcome to the club!

  4. ::waves paw excitedly::

    Hi Efurryone!!! Now that's what I call a Warm Welcome!


  5. I also have a flame mark! Maybe we are related.....


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