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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Birthday & Gotcha Day List

Ladies, if you would like to, you can send me your birthday and gotcha day details and I'll make a list for us. This way we can lavish each other with gifts and even more compliments!


  1. Hello Ana here,
    Dr. Bess what a Purrrfect idea ....
    I truely am an Autumn Lady, my birfday & gotcha day was 1 week ago today ~ September 28 ~
    Purrz~ Ana

  2. Thank you, dear Ana. And may I take this opportunity to wish you a belated happy birthday & gotcha day combination for last week.

  3. Awwww Fankz Dr. Bess ::blushing::
    ^..^ Me soooo glad me waz Got:))

  4. I left my details in the TLOA FB page. This is a great idea. We can have a mini party on the birthdays/gotcha days.

  5. Hello Gracie here--i was found abandoned along with my brother George, so we don't know our purrthdays. We came to our furever home in the month of June. Does that count?

  6. Dear Barbara & Gracie,

    Would you like to pick a date in June for your birthday or should we enjoy a month long celebration of your Gotcha Day?

    Kind regards,


  7. Scout's gotcha day is April 25, 1998.

  8. My Birthday is March 14th and I was gotcha'd 4 weeks later on April 11th ~Scylla


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