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Thursday, September 08, 2011


Tootsie - joined September 2011
So my name is Tootsie - so called as I am polydactyl and my extra toes (thumbs) are very handy.  

I am now seven years old and I had three kittens in 2006 after a very brief affair with my now husband, Fluffy.  My ginger son, Tigger, went to live with a lovely cat lady friend of my housekeeper but she couldn't bear to part with my other two boys, Noodles and Squeakey. So I am now living with three furry men and generally trying to keep them in order. Noodles is seriously fluffy in body as well as brain and has grown even bigger than his father.- it must be the ragdoll gene coming out and despite my best efforts Squeakey is just a hooligan, out and about chasing mice and birds whenever he gets bored to bring home as presents for the housekeeper which she just loves to find on the mat in the morning....... isn't he a considerate boy?  She thinks he is plotting feline world domination but I don't think he has the time.... too busy birdwatching....what a lovely hobby.

I am a dab hand (paw) with the TV remote control so enjoy my afternoons on the sofa watching the Discovery Channel (lots of fishing programmes) and also with my iPhone keeping up to date with social media. Otherwise I can be found in my study going through paperwork in the filing tray or relaxing under the desk lamp (well what else are they for).  I am also a connoisseur of all things culinary - especially if they are chicken related - and Christmas is my favourite time of year when I am always on hand to keep a close eye on the turkey. 

My housekeeper thinks I am a complete chatterbox and I suppose I do get very vocal when I want something to eat (well how else is she supposed to know I am hungry) but she seems to understand me quite well and we have some interesting conversations from time to time about the meaning of life and the universe and other important stuff (is Whiskas on special offer this week - not that I know, well it's her job to do the supermarket run - I am too busy napping or watching the fishing prog....)

I hope you find this resume interesting, but do let me know if you would like any further info and I will be happy to supply it. The Ladies of Autumn seem a lovely group and I would be delighted to join their ranks.


  1. I do and I find you quite beautiful too.

  2. Tootsie, you are another gorgeous Lady Of Autumn. I have just checked out the Facebook page and think your photographs are great. Your family picture is lovely, what a proud mother you must be.


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